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Kraft Will Pay You $20 to Not Make Cheesecake This Holiday Season Amid Cream Cheese Shortage

Kraft Will Pay You $20 to Not Make Cheesecake This Holiday Season Amid Cream Cheese Shortage

Cheesecake fans, Kraft Heinz has a special offer for you this holiday season.

kraft, the owner of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, sta offrendo $20 to customers that go without the popular treat this year as the company works to overcome a cream cheese shortage.

In order to participate, customers must make a reservation at on Friday and Saturday after 12 p.m. E. The company says 10,000 reservations will be made available Friday and 8,000 on Saturday on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once confirmed, customers can purchase any dessert for any amount as long as they can provide a receipt dated between Friday (dicembre. 17) and Christmas Eve. The receipt can then be used between Dec. 28 e Jan. 4 to redeem the $20 digital reward.

Beyond theSpread the Feeling” campagna, Philadelphia marketing director Basak Oguz told CNN that the company isinvesting millions of dollars on Philadelphia cream cheeseto keep up with demand.

The company has also temporarily halted the production ofa very limited numberof Philadelphia products, per Oguz.

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receive your $20 digital reward from Philadelphia

receive your $20 digital reward from Philadelphia
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All'inizio di questo mese, Jenna Thornton, spokeswoman for Kraft Heinz told Il New York Times that the company will ship out 35% more products than last year.

We continue to see elevated and sustained demand across a number of categories where we compete,” Thornton said in a statement to the outlet. “As more people continue to eat breakfast at home and use cream cheese as an ingredient in easy desserts, we expect to see this trend continue.

Joseph Yemma, owner of New York City bagel shop distributor F&H Dairies, disse “There’s no end in sight.

I’ve never been out of cream cheese for 30 anni,” Egli ha detto, per il Volte.