Priyanka Chopra Cheers on Husband Nick Jonas at Hollywood Bowl: 「あなたを誇りに思う’

Priyanka Chopra Cheers on Husband Nick Jonas at Hollywood Bowl: 「あなたを誇りに思う」

水曜日に, the 39-year-old actress cheered on Nick for the final leg of the Jonas BrothersRemember This tour at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. She shared a sweet photo cuddled up to her husband and another snap of Nick, 29, and his brothers, ジョー・ジョナスケビン・ジョナス.

“あなたをとても誇りに思っています @nickjonas ❤️❤️ The goal is the Bowl! And you did it. Congratulations on the wrap of the Remember this tour!” 彼女はキャプションを付けました インスタグラム 役職.

ニック・ジョナス Kicks Off Jonas Brothers Tour with Cake from Wife Priyanka Chopra: ‘Wish You Were Here

ニック・ジョナス; ジョー・ジョナス; ケビン・ジョナス

ニック・ジョナス; ジョー・ジョナス; ケビン・ジョナス
クレジット: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Instagram

Priyanka also shared clips from the concert, including a few moments of Nick singing and playing the drums.

平日、PEOPLEから最大のストーリーを手に入れたい? 新しいポッドキャストを購読する, 毎日の人々, 本質的な有名人を取得するには, 月曜日から金曜日までのエンターテインメントとヒューマンインタレストのニュース記事.


クレジット: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Instagram

8月に, Nick kicked off his Remember This tour with his brothers and bandmates in Las Vegas. 当時の, the musician posted a photo of a cake Priyanka had decorated with the word “おめでとう” and a photo of Nick, ジョー, and Kevin. “Thanks @priyankachopra you’re the best. Wish you were here,” he wrote with the post.

“ベイビー、愛してるよ,” NS We Can Be Heroes actress then wrote on her own Instagram Story, reposting the photo of the cake. “This tour will be one to remember!”

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今月上旬, Priyanka said during the inaugural episode of the new Victoria’s Secret podcast, VS Voices Podcast, that she loves touring and life on the road with her husband.

I’m used to being in trailers that don’t move, 右? 俳優として … you’re not supposed to sleep in a trailer, eat in a trailer. 好き, I only know that you do that on a road trip, not when you’re working and have to wake up and do your job,” 彼女は言いました. “But my husband was convincing and we did it in Europe and I was like, 'この … is so amazing.’ “

“… It’s like a home on wheels and I actually slept like a baby,” Priyanka added. “I felt like I rocked to sleep.

Chopra Jonas Wedding, Mumbai, インド - 20 12月 2018

Chopra Jonas Wedding, Mumbai, インド – 20 12月 2018
クレジット: Rajanish Kakade/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Despite loving the opportunity to support Nick on the road, the actress has been busy with her new show Citadel. She previously opened up to PEOPLE about how she and her husband — who tied the knot in Jodhpur, インド 7月に戻る 2018 — stay connected while they’re apart often due to their respective careers.

Nick always says this to me: ‘I’ll always be in your corner.’ He said that to me very early,” 彼女は1月に言った.

It was before we got married. I think at some point we were disagreeing about something, そして彼は, ‘I’m always in your corner. We’re not on different sides of the room.And it just changed the way I was talking to him,” Priyanka added. “It became the greatest thing I feel about this partnership, and what makes me feel so confident in being able to do all the things I want to do.