モデルQuannahChasinghorseは、彼女が「本当に孤独だと感じた」と言います’ メットガラで: 「誰も気にしない’

Model Quannah Chasinghorse Says She Felt 'Really Lonely' at the Met Gala: 'No One Cared'

Model Quannah Chasinghorse is opening up about herlonelyガラと 経験.

After first tweeting about how isolated she felt when attending fashion’s biggest night in September, the 19-year-old Indigenous model and climate change activist, whose heritage is Han Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota, opened up further during a recent interview with インサイダー, 説明: “It was such a weird space to be in.

“そこに立ってみんなを見て孤独を感じたのを覚えています. 好き, 本当, 本当に寂しい,” Chasinghorse told Insider. She model expressed that she felt no one “私を知っていた” また “尋ねることを気にした。”

“人々は自分たちのためにそこにいて、それは,” Chasinghorse told the news outlet.

The rising fashion star, who recently landed Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2022 運動, said she also noticed there were very few other Indigenous people at the gala, and that her interpretation of the theme, アメリカでは: ファッションの用語集, was completely different to that of other guests.

Chasinghorse added that she used the invite as an opportunity to celebrate her roots.


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No way am I celebrating America. If I were to celebrate anything it would be my Indigenous roots, my Indigeneity, 私という人間. Because of what America did to my people, I am proud to be here todayMy ancestors had to go through so much genocide after genocide after genocide.

To stay grounded throughout the night, Chasinghorse said she kept telling herself: “Never forget who you are and where you come from.

“その瞬間、私の祖先はすべて私と一緒にいました,” Chasinghorse told Insider. “彼らは私と一緒にレッドカーペットを歩きました. That made me feel more powerful.

While she initially was excited to attend the highly anticpated event, チェイスホースは今、彼女はそうではないと感じています “そのような空間に属します。”

“私はエリート主義者ではありません… この世界を歩く私のやり方, 業界で, is so different compared to everyone else because I feel like I’m constantly having to break barriers,” Chasinghorse told Insider.

When sharing photos from the event back in September, Chasinghorse admitted she feltvery alone,” but praised those who uplifted her at the event.

Mahsi’choo (どうもありがとうございます) everyone for being so supportive and uplifting. I felt very alone there but some people were very sweet to me. The Met Gala was a dream and for the theme I wanted to represent indigenous art and fashion❤️✨ thank you Peter Dundas? ,” Chasinghorse wrote on Twitter at the time.

The model stepped on the carpet, in a sleek gold gown that featured cutouts and a cascading cape. She accessorized with turquoise jewels and wore her hair sleek, down her back.

NS 2021 Met Gala took place on Sept. 13 after being postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The event was a salute to the evolution of American fashion, and an opportunity to celebrate the role of American labels in championing sustainability, 多様性と包括性.