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rappresentante. Lauren Boebert chiama il rappresentante. Ilhan Omar un "simpatizzante terrorista".’ e minimizza gen. 6 Rivolte in Nuova Memoria

rappresentante. Lauren Boebert chiama il rappresentante. Ilhan Omar a 'Terrorist Sympathizer' and Downplays Jan. 6 Rivolte in Nuova Memoria

Colorado Republican rappresentante. Lauren Boebert, 35, levied her latest attack against Democrat rappresentante. Ilhan Omar, 39, in her new memoir, My American Life.

In the self-describedgun-totingcongresswoman’s book, which follows her life’s story and why shejoined the fight to make sure we never live in a socialist country,” Boebert calls Omar aterrorist sympathizer” che ha “consistently spewed anti-American and anti-Jewish rhetoric.

She added that Omar’s so-called terrorist-sympathizing track record has beenmade clear repeatedly with outlandish comments and vitriolic, bigoted posts on Twitter.

Boebert continued her attack on Omar and broadened it to encompass Democrats at large in her chapter titled, “Keep the Faith, Keep Up the Fight,” where she suggested that the Jan. 6 Rivolte al Campidoglio were over-dramatized.

Lei scrisse, “​​Leftists will compare January 6 a 9/11 but look the other way when a domestic terror group like Antifa sets fire to cities like Portland, Seattle, or Minneapolis. Infatti, Minneapolis’s own congressional representative not only doesn’t speak out against terrorism; she condones it.

Boebert has a history of repeatedly attacking Omar, often referring to her as a member of thejihad squad,” a derisive adaptation ofThe Squad,” a term denoting a group of six progressive representatives. Boebert’sjihadlabel is in reference to Omar’s Muslim faith and Somalian origins.

A novembre 2021, Boebert recounted an anecdote when she was in the same Capitol elevator with Omar. Boebert saidshe doesn’t have a backpack,” così “we should be fine,” alluding to the possibility of Omar being a suicide bomber.

Omar has retorted in the past. In 2021, lei twittato at Boebert, scrivere, “Luckily my dad raised me right, otherwise I might have gone to the floor to talk about this insurrectionist who sleeps with a pervert,” referring to Boebert’s alleged involvement in the Jan. 6. uprisings and her husband’s public indecency and lewd exposure in a 2004 incidente.

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Di mercoledì, Boebert made Islamophobic comments about Omar during an appearance on Real America’s Voice with Steve Bannon. Secondo a video, Boebert said, “If there really is this separation of church and state like they believe, then what is Ilhan doing with her hijab on? Why is she able to go in there with that?”

Omar responded to the video clip on Twitter with a famous GIF from a comedy sketch, apparently calling her anidiot sandwich.