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Mulher que ajudou ex supostamente executar seu ex-cunhado deu vida na prisão

Mulher que ajudou ex supostamente executar seu ex-cunhado deu vida na prisão

Katherine Magbanua received a life sentence for the 2014 hitman killing of Florida State University law professor Dan Markel.

Na hora de sua morte, Markel was engaged in a contentious divorce and custody dispute with a woman named Wendi when he was shot execution-style in his Tallahassee garage. Wendi’s brother, Charlie Adelson, era indicted in April on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation of murder, the Leon County State Attorney’s office confirmed to PEOPLE at the time.

Magbanua, Adelson’s former girlfriend, had already been charged in 2016. She was accused of introducing Adelson to Markel’s killers, Sigredo Garcia e Luis Rivera, who were previously convicted for Markel’s death in what is believed to be a murder-for-hire.


Dan Markel

Orin Snyder and Matt Benjamin, who represent the victim’s parents Ruth and Phil Markel, tell PEOPLE in a statement, “Dan Markel was brutally murdered more than eight years ago. Today’s sentencing of Katharine Magbanua marks another important step toward accountability and justice.

They added that theyare grateful for the efforts of law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office in advancing the criminal case against Charles Adelson and in continuing to pursue all those responsible for Dan’s murder.

Na sexta, Magbanua, who will not have any chance of parole or probation, was also handed a 60-year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder. That sentence is to be served consecutively, Tallahassee’s ABC27 relatórios.

During the sentencing, Dan’s sister Shelly Markel shared an emotional statement.

The order of our world has been cruelly reversed,” ela disse, de acordo com WCTV, noting that her brother was killed nearly eight years ago to the date. “It makes me so angry.

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Magbanua’s attorney Tara Kawass said Magbanuadoes think about Dan Markel every single day,” per WCTV. “She thinks about his kids every single day. Justice is still ongoing and has not been reached in this case. And she wants each and every person who had a hand in thisto be brought to justice.

Kawass did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

After being sentenced, Magbanua appeared to wipe her face with tissue, Lei & Crime diz. A judge also granted Kawassmotion for Magbanua to have a public defender for an appeal.

Também na sexta, Adelson’s lawyers requested a pre-trial release, to which a judge said a hearing will be scheduled within 60 days to rule on the motion, WCTV reports.

Assistant state attorney Georgia Cappleman wants Adelson’s trial to begin early next spring, pela saída.