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Elizabeth Hurley ‘Strandedin Antigua After British Airways Delay Thousands of Flights Around World

Elizabeth Hurley Shares How to Get Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness & Life Saving Research

Elizabeth Hurley Shares How to Get Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness & Life Saving Research

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Elizabeth Hurley found herself stranded alongside thousands across America and the Caribbean.

Na terça-feira, the British actress went on Twitter to voice her frustration after being delayed at an airport in Antigua for twenty hours, calling her experience flying with British Airwayspretty dodgy service.

The airline left thousands of passengers grounded across airports in England, [object Window], and Canada as of Tuesday morning following issues with the aircraft’s flight planning software which allows pilots to become familiarized with the weather conditions during their flight travel.

According to Bloomberg, the software was being upgraded, causing multiple delays overnight, with The Independent adding that pelo menos 35 flights faced some delay or cancellation.

While British Airways explained in a separate statement to the BBC that there were no safety concerns that stemmed from the delays and stated that the issues were resolved, multiple passengers, including Hurley, were left unsatisfied.

Still stranded- no food, water or hotel. Pretty dodgy service @British_Airways,” wrote Hurley in a series of tweets directed at the airline, expressing that she was given no alternatives for her travel experiences.

Still nothing from @british_airways. Extraordinary service! Finalmente, managed to find a taxi ourselves to escape airport after more than 12 hours with no food or water #avoidflying,” she wrote in her final tweet.

While Hurley found an alternative method of travel, the airline responded to Hurley’s tweets hours later, escrita, “Hi there Elizabeth. Can you DM us further details regarding this so we can have a closer look?”

A representative for British Airways did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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Hurley is part of the increased amount of travelers that are using air travel as their method of transportation this holiday season.

The Transportation Security Administration announced on Monday that it anticipates airport security checkpoints across the United States to be close to pre-pandemic levels, with the busiest days expected to be on Thursday, Dez. 22, and Friday, Dez. 30.

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During the Thanksgiving travel period, we saw the highest throughput volume since 2019, and we expect that trend to continue over the upcoming holiday travel period,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “We are prepared for the increased volume and expect to meet our wait time standards of 30 minutes or less in standard lanes and 10 minutes or less in TSA PreCheck lanes. Contudo, there may be some situations where the capacity of a checkpoint is exceeded.