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Great British Baking Show Winner Syabira Was Proud to ‘Put Malaysia on the Mapwith Her Bakes

Baker Syabira Brushing Tart, The Great British Bake Off S6

Baker Syabira Brushing Tart, The Great British Bake Off S6

Foto: Mark Bourdillon / Love Productions

Syabira Yusoff is proud to be the newest Grande spettacolo di pasticceria britannica campione.

a novembre. 17, il Netflix-distributed series dropped the season finale and named Syabira Yusoff the winner — marking the first time a Malaysian-born contestant has ever won the show.

It feels surreal and amazing at the same time. I came to the tent with a mindset to survive weekly,” lei dice PERSONE. “Ending up in the final and winning is the best outcome I could ever imagine.

Judges Prue Leith e Paul Hollywood were confident in Yusoff’s baking chops throughout the season. Known for her use of bold and innovative flavors, she won star baker an impressive three times and got a coveted handshake from Hollywood during Halloween week. Throughout the season, she worked to merge British classics with traditional Malaysian flavors.

I am very proud to have put Malaysia on the map in terms of baking,” lei dice. “I loved sharing my ideas and my passion for integrating traditional Malaysian flavors into my bakes. For each bake I put on the table, I was proud.

What makes Yusoff’s win even more impressive? She’s fairly new to baking, and only took up the hobby in 2017. A cardiovascular research associate who moved to London in 2013 to work on her PhD, Yusoff turned to the culinary craft as a creative outlet.

I started baking as a cure for the homesickness I felt when I first moved to England. I had fallen in love with a slice of red velvet cake I’d had with my friends before leaving Malaysia,” lei dice. “Living alone and trying to write hundred pages of scientific research in English is not a walk in the park. So I tried to recreate that red velvet cake and discovered that I could bake. Da allora, every time I struggle or feel sad I go into the kitchen and bake.

Guardando GBBS — known in the U.K. come Il grande Bake-Off britannicoalso inspired her to apply to the show. “I started watching Bake Off two or three years ago. I loved seeing what people created and started to wonder if I could do something similar. It is a very positive show, and it was love at first sight for me,” lei dice.

Her partner gave her the extra push she needed byby buying my first stand and hand mixer from his work bonus,” lei ha aggiunto.

For Yusoff, learning how to perfect her craft involved marrying her passion for science with her newfound love of baking. “I treated baking like an experiment. I tried to understand what each ingredient contributes and the importance of temperature in emulsifying cake batter, tempering custard or proofing bread,” lei dice. Much like other home chefs, she also learned by watching YouTube videos during the Covid-19 lockdown.

I grandi inglesi Bake Off

I grandi inglesi Bake Off


As for her favorite final product in the show’s tent, Yusoff says one in particular let her scientific mind shine.

I love my custard week showstopper, which I called ‘Piña Coladas, Chiunque?’ I took it back to a simple flavor, but really tried to nail the taste and texture. This is when my lab skills came in handy,” lei dice. “Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain that eats the protein in gelatine and ends up unsetting the custard. It took me a whole day in the kitchen to work out how much starch to use to make sure it wasn’t too gloopy, and just enough gelatin to make it wobbly.

Come la 2022 vincitore, Yusoff learned she loves baking and being in front of the camera. While she still continues to carry out her job as a cardiovascular researcher, lei è “super keento share herideas and aspirations in a cookbook, and the basics skills of baking [via a] YouTube channel.Her future plans include growing her Account Instagram and working on a book in her downtime.

Along with breathing confidence into her kitchen skills, Yusoff made lasting friendships during the competition. “Everyone is my favorite in the tent. Janusz is one of them, as well as Maxy and Kevin. We built relationships as the series went on,” she says of fellow competitors. “We keep in touch with each other via our WhatsApp group, and I am excited to see them every time we get together.

Reflecting on her Grande spettacolo di pasticceria britannica viaggio, Yusoff says it still feels like a dream.

I never thought winning Bake Off was possible, at least not at my level of baking, before I won the show,” lei dice. “Every challenge has its own difficulty and requires new skills to master it. Complessivamente, you just need to keep up and rise above the challenge to stay in the tent. And I think every baker managed to cope with the challenges every single time.

Il 2022 season and previous seasons of Il Great British Baking Show ora sono in streaming su Netflix.