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Mim. Mom Charged After Allegedly Catfishing and ‘HarassingHer Daughter and Teen’s Boyfriend

Kendra Licari (Isabella County Jail mugshot)

Kendra Licari (Isabella County Jail mugshot)

foto: Isabella County Jail

A Michigan mother has been charged after allegedly harassing her teenage daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend under a fake identity online.

Kendra Gail Licari of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, is charged with two counts of stalking a minor and one count of obstruction of justice, both felonies with a maximum of five-year sentences. She was also charged with two counts of using a computer to commit a crime, a felony for which she could receive up to 10 anos de prisão, de acordo com The Morning Sun. Licari was taken into custody and charged on Monday. She was released on a $5,000 ligação.

Licari, 42, is scheduled to appear in court again on Dec. 29.

Per the publication, officials began investigating her alleged messages after cyberbullying complaints were sent to her daughter’s school district, Beal City Schools, where Licari was also a girlsbasketball coach.

The complaint involved Licari’s daughter as well as the teenager’s then-boyfriend, The Morning Sun relatado.

Licari and the other student’s mother initially helped the school district investigate the harassing messages, Isabella County Prosecutor David Barberi said, de acordo com o jornal.

But when the district’s resources ran low, and it became apparent that many of the messages were received off school grounds, local police stepped in to help. Family members then told authorities that the teenagers started getting the messages early last year, Barberi added, de acordo com The Morning Sun.

After the prosecutor’s office gathered 349 pages of text message and social media DMs, the local authorities ultimately called in the FBI’s computer crime division in April, Barberi said, pela saída.

Beals City Schools superintendent William Chilman also said, de acordo com The Morning Sun, that authorities told him they suspected Licari was connected to the messages.

The FBI confirmed their suspicions when it determined the messages from coming from Licari’s IP addresses, Barberi told the publication.

He added that Licari admitted to police to sending the messages.

By and large it was mostly just harassing-type text messages, humilhante, desmoralizante, and just mean texts,” Barberi said, according to Local 12. “When the case first came into our office, it was bizarre and almost hard to believe.

Ele adicionou, “We’re talking about several hundreds of text messages, sobre 1,000 pages of discovery in the case.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Local 12, Licari allegedly masked her location with a software platform, and used multiple numbers and area codes so it would seem as if her daughter’s friends were sending the text messages.

Barberi continued, per Local 12, “Someone else coined the term, but they called it a version of ‘cyber Munchausen’s syndromein a sense that this seems to be the type of behavior where you’re making somebody feel bad or need you in their life because of this behavior.

Licari also spoke in slang terms and used trendy abbreviations, The Morning Sun relatado.

She ultimately aided her daughter in telling authorities about the messages, local station 9 & 10 News reported.

If at any point, this became something they didn’t want to engage in or continue, they could’ve stopped,” Barberi said, per 9&10 Notícia. “Rather than stop, they continued to snowball into this sophisticated plan, where they try to conceal their identity and throw the police off their tracks.

Barberi said Licari’s alleged motives are not clear. Contudo, her daughter and the other teenager are said to be distraught, de acordo com 9 & 10 Notícia.

It was not immediately clear if Licari has a lawyer who can comment on her behalf.