Va. Woman Disappeared 22 Years Ago. Cops Believe Husband, Who May Have Been a Serial Killer, Is Responsible

Annie D. Horne

Annie D. Horne

Annie D. Horne.
Photo: Richmond Police Department

Over two decades after a Virginia woman mysteriously vanished, authorities now believe her husband, who they have allegedly linked to four other murders, was responsible for her disappearance, reports say.

According to the Richmond Police Department, 37-year-old Annie Horne was last seen January 13, 2001.

At the time, her husband Thomas Horne, who died in 2017, reported her missing, according to WTVR-TV.

Twenty-two years later, police now believe Annie, who left behind a daughter, is dead, and that Thomas had something to do with it.

“We found out that her coat was definitely in the kitchen on the chair at the table … the glasses were there on the table,” Det. Clarence Key with the Richmond Police Department told the station Monday. “These are … essential things … during that time of the year. She didn’t have it, so she wouldn’t have left without … having those things with her.”

The day that she went missing, Annie didn’t show up for work — something out of character for the reportedly reliable insurance company secretary, her sister Mary Ruffin told the outlet.

“It’s the hardest thing we had to do, just ask the Lord to give us strength because we know she didn’t just openly like leave,” Ruffin said. “She was a loving sister. She was a hard worker. Everybody loved her. She was a people person. And she most definitely loved her family.”

According to the outlet, Thomas told police Annie woke him up “gasping for breath, including the night before she disappeared. I gave her mouth-to-mouth, and she went back to sleep”.

Thomas also reportedly claimed Annie battled depression and suggested to her they separate before she went missing. He later told her he “didn’t mean it,” according to the station.

Neighbor Billy Queen said he remembers Annie spent a lot of time with his mom at their home, before she vanished. He alleges Thomas killed her.

“Oh, she was a lovely person, you know, really did a lot for you. I think somebody murdered her. I really do. I point out her husband… I think Thomas, I believe [was] his name,” Queen said, per WTVR.

Police now believe Annie may have been married to a serial killer, after tying him to a number of other murders, the outlet reports.

Although her remains have never been found, detectives recently collected DNA samples from her family for future reference.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to contact Det. Key at (804) 646-5100.