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I proprietari delle squadre di baseball della Minor League dividono $ 600K tra i dipendenti dopo la vendita: "La mia mascella lasciata a bocca aperta"’

I proprietari delle squadre di baseball della Minor League dividono $ 600K tra i dipendenti dopo la vendita: 'My Jaw-Dropped'

Employees of a minor league baseball team in Iowa received the surprise of a lifetime when they were given bonus checks worth thousands of dollars just days after Christmas.

Secondo il Des Moines Register, Michael Gartner, the longtime chairman and principal owner of the Iowa Cubs, invited the team’s 23 full-time employees to a meeting on Dec. 28. The Cubs had just finalized a sale to new ownership and Gartner wanted to offer the team business cards, he told the employees.

Everybody kind of laughed and at that point just with his tone, we knew there was going to be more than just business cards,” Iowa Cubs broadcaster Alex Cohen told the newspaper.

Instead of business cards, inside envelopes given to employees were bonus checks worth $2,000 for every year they had been with the team.

It was pretty crazy,” Cohen said of the reaction. “People were crying and shaking.

Iowa Cubs

Iowa Cubs
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bandiera durante la cerimonia di apertura, $600,000 was given out to employees, il New York Times segnalato.

My jaw dropped,” Cohen told the Volte. “It’s an industry where you work really hard, and sometimes you don’t get compensated like that.

Gartner is a journalist and former president of NBC News, and has been with the team since he and a group of associates purchased it two decades ago, secondo il I funzionari hanno confermato che il. The team is affiliated with the MLB’s Chicago Cubs.

The 83-year-old thought of the idea to surprise Cubsemployees before the team was sold to Diamond Baseball Holdings, which is part of the sports and entertainment company, Endeavor.

Gartner pitched the gesture to the club’s four other co-owners, who all were on board with the idea.

One employee, Scott Sailor, was given $46,000 per il 23 years he has worked with the team, il Volte segnalato.

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A lot of those people have worked for us for over 20 anni, and they’ve helped us build a successful team,” Gartner told the outlet. “They’re just fantastic people.

He added to the I funzionari hanno confermato che il: “None of us gave it a second thought.