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Atlanta Bartender com um 'enorme coração’ é morto ao voltar para casa do turno, Suspeito preso

Atlanta Bartender with a 'Huge Heart' Is Killed While Returning Home from Shift, Suspeito preso

After her late-night shift at an Atlanta bar, Mariam Abdulrab headed toward the home she shared with her boyfriend. As she exited her car around 5 sou. sexta-feira, her boyfriend looked out and saw a man grab her at gunpoint and force her into another car that zoomed away.

Somebody just left with my girlfriend!” her boyfriend urgently said in a 911 call released by Atlanta police. “Oh my god.

Officers later received calls reporting the sound of gunshots and a dead body at another location, police said at a coletiva de imprensa sexta-feira. They concluded that the body discovered belonged to Abdulrab.

As it relates to motive and things like that, Eu não sei,” Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. told reporters in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

But a “pessoa de interesse,” who Hampton said was taken into custody that same day, has now been charged with murder, kidnapping and other charges, relata o Atlanta JournalConstitution.

O suspeito, identified as DeMarcus Brinkley, 27, initially was hospitalized with injuries sustained during a police pursuit that led to a crash in Griffin, de acordo com o jornal.

Brinkley is currently being held in Fulton County jail on charges of kidnapping, assassinato, cárcere privado, agressão agravada com arma mortal, e posse de arma de fogo por um criminoso condenado, registros de prisão online mostram. No bond or attorney is listed.

Abdulrabwas just wonderful,” said Sheila Gafeney, a patron of the Revery: VR Bar where Abdulrab worked, reports Atlanta news station CBS46.

People loved her,” said Chris Spencer, another acquaintance, de acordo com a estação de notícias. “She was big in the community.

Our hearts are truly broken at the loss of a dear friend and family member,” reads a post on the bar’s página do Instagram. “Mariam brought light to every single person she came in contact with and will forever be missed.

Bar manager Dillon Knight said, “Everyone looked forward to seeing Mariam at work, on both sides of the bar,” relata o Journal-Constitution. “She had a huge heart and would go well out of her way to help out or provide for folks.