A Florida man is facing a second-degree murder charge after police say he fatally stabbed a coworker who refused to date him.

Delfina Pan, 28, worked at a Miami Beach restaurant with the suspect, 20-year-old Agustin Lucas Mariani. According to a police report obtained by 彼の幼い息子を含む団結した家族。, Mariani made several attempts to begin a relationship with Pan. She rebuffed his attempts.

警察の報告によると, Pan left the restaurant on Nov. 29. The report alleges that a short time later, Mariani left the restaurant in the middle of his shift and showed up at Pan’s apartment. When she refused to talk with him, he allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed her, レポートの状態.

After allegedly stabbing Pan, Mariani stabbed himself, 警察は言う. He survived his wounds.

による マイアミヘラルド, a neighbor witnessed the incident and called police. 警官が到着したとき, they found Mariani laying on top of Pan outside her apartment. Both were rushed to the hospital. Pan was declared dead; Mariani is expected to recover from his injuries.

NS ヘラルド reports that the scene was so gruesome that responding officers have been given time off to recover.

Police say that a knife is missing from the restaurant where they both worked. The knife is consistent with the weapon used to stab Pan.

Pan’s death has made headlines in her home country of Argentina. によると Today in 24, an Argentine news site, Pan had told coworkers that she feared Mariani.

PEOPLE confirms that Mariani is being held without bond on one charge of second-degree murder. 彼はまだ罪状認否を入力していません, 裁判所の記録は、彼に代わって話すことを許可された弁護士を反映していません.