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Il video di Drew Barrymore di lei che balla sotto la pioggia diventa virale: 'Non perdere l'occasione!’

Drew Barrymore's Video of Her Dancing in the Rain Goes Viral: 'Do Not Miss the Opportunity!'

Drew Barrymore has started the Internet’s latest trend!

While most people may choose to indoors when the weather turns to rain, the 47-year-old actress and talk show host showed fans she does just the opposite, sharing a video on Instagram over the weekend that showed her frolicking outside during a downpour.

Whenever you can go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity!” the smiling star said in the clip, taking off her glasses and looking up at the sky with laughter and glee.

Her contagious jubilation garnered a massive response online from fans, chi quickly began recreating Barrymore’s video on their own social media channels using her own audio under the hashtag #JustRunOutInTheRain.

You are pure joy!” responded one commenter, receiving upwards of 700 likes from agreeing fans.

She’s reminding us to live our best life,” wrote another user.

This certainly is not the first time The Stand-In star has professed her love of rain. Torna a maggio, she posted a similar video on social media with the same message. “If it’s raining anywhere you are, just run out in the rain,” ha detto in quel momento. “Don’t miss the opportunity.

But the viral success of her latest video has left Barrymore floored.

I can’t believe people are doing this!” ha scritto su Instagram, in a follow-up post. “Questo è così sorprendente! #JustRunOutInTheRain Don’t miss the opportunity!❤️?.”

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As for those worried about their makeup getting messed up in the rain, Barrymore might just be another source of inspiration.

While she added beauty boss to her resumé after launching her cosmetics company Flower Beauty in 2013, the star loves a makeup-free look equally as much as she loves a bold lip.

Makeup-free selfies are empowering because that’s what you really look like — and I have no interest in sort of pretending I look something else than what I am,” Barrymore told PEOPLE in 2018, who can often be seen sans foundation on Instagram even when she isn’t appreciating the rain.

I love wearing makeup, but I also love non wearing makeup.