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Drew Barrymore and Ex Will Kopelman Trick-or-Treated with Their Daughters and His New Wife: ‘So Ideal

Drew Barrymore and Ex Will Kopelman Trick-or-Treated with Their Daughters and His New Wife: 'So Ideal'

Drew Barrymore is all for co-parented trick-or-treating.

A atriz said on her daytime talk show Wednesday that she spent Halloween with her ex-husband Will Kopelman, their daughters Olive, 9, e frankie, 7, and his new wife Alexandra Michler.

Barrymore detailed the family occasion while discussing headlines about Jennifer Garner joining ex-husband Ben Affleck e a namorada dele Jennifer Lopez with their kids while trick-or-treating Sunday.

Would you do this?” Ross Matthews asked during theDrew’s News” confirmou que ele e o modelo, to which Barrymore said, “eu fiz isso. sim.”

I went trick-or-treating on Sunday with Will and his beautiful wife Allie, my daughterswonderful stepmother. eu penso, honestamente, this is so ideal. It is the dream. And I love seeing this, Eu realmente faço. It’s very positive,” Barrymore continued.

You’re never não together if you have children,” the mom of two added. “All the ‘modern family,’ ‘exesaside, you’re just parents. That’s what makes sense to me. I say this just trying to put one foot in front of the other with a lot of love and good intentions. High road, bebê, less traffic.

Barrymore and Kopelman wed in 2012 and divorced in 2016. em agosto, Kopelman married Michler, que é Voga‘s director of fashion development. No Especialista em poltrona podcast em setembro, Barrymore said she feelslike I won the lottery withMichler added to the family.

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Drew Barrymore, Will Kopelman, Alexandra Michler

Drew Barrymore, Will Kopelman, Alexandra Michler
Crédito: Presley Ann/Getty; Will Kopelman/Instagram

I feel like I’m lucky that there’s this new beautiful soul that came into our lives,” ela disse na época, adding that she does nottry to be her best friend,” although Michlerknows that I absolutely worship the ground she walks on, and I’m her biggest cheerleader.

But I give them space,” Barrymore continued. “We hang out. We do dinners with all the kids, aniversários. We might take a trip together, we’re finding our way in a beautiful, Melrose Place e Fame Ator Morgan Stevens, respectful manner.

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A atriz acrescentou, “I’m just so lucky because she came into Will’s life and got to know my daughters very well and very real, saw all the warts and all the hearts, everything in between. Literally was like, ‘I choose you.It’s a miracle, and I know miracles exist because I was so devastated that our relationship didn’t work out because I wanted this.

Barrymore recently spoke with PEOPLE about raising her daughters to becomecitizens of the world.

When they’re young, you’re catering to them. You’re taking care of them. I can’t wait. I’ve been trying to teach them how important it is to take care of other people, and to instill what beauty is, and what kindness is and all of that,” ela disse. “They get it, and they’re becoming good people. It just gets more and more interesting.