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Dr. Who Star John Barrowman Shares Video from ‘HorrificScene in Berlin After Man Drives into Shoppers

Dr. Who Star John Barrowman Shares Video from 'Horrific' Scene in Berlin After Man Drives into Shoppers

John Barrowman is recovering after narrowly missing being injured when a car plowed into shoppers in Germany on Wednesday.

O Dr. Who actor spoke out on Twitter about the incident, sharing what he saw and the aftermath of a fatal car crash moments after a man crashed into the crowd.

We think we have witnessed a terrorist attack here in Berlin we’re not sure there’s a lot of people dead bodies all over the place we’ve seen a car that came down the road and ended up in a storefront covering three city blocks it’s pretty horrific. #berlin,” Barrowman, 55, começou.

Moments later he posted a vídeo of himself at the scene as he shared an update. O Torchwood star said a friend recommended that he sits by a nearby treejust in case anything else happens because it’s something that’s between us and any other vehicles that might come. It’s really pretty bad guys.

Flipping the camera to show the damage, the star notes the dozens of local police officers, and emergency medical responders. He shows the area where the car drove and hit a person before going back and forth on the pavement, ending in the window of a nearby store.

The police presence is unbelievable,” continued Barrowman. “I heard the bang and the crashwe were in a store and we came out and we just saw the carnage.He then wrapped the video, pointing out the helicopters that were arriving to airlift victims.

We are ok,” he captioned the video in part.

This is bad, isso é sério, I mean really bad. There are multiple fatalities, hundreds of emergency services that are in the area, blocking city block after city block offwe’re being pushed back and out,” ele disse in another clip while walking with his husband Scott Gill. Barrowman also thanked an ex-military friend for advice on how to stay safe after the incident.

The car that was droven into a group of people killing one person and injuring eight injured is pictured in central Berlin,

The car that was droven into a group of people killing one person and injuring eight injured is pictured in central Berlin,
A car crashed into storefront in Berlin
| Crédito: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images

He went on to share cenas of a helicopter landing before he and Gill walked back to their hotel in another vídeo.

De acordo com GB News, the incident happened in Berlin around 10:30 sou. horário local. One person died and six people were facing life-threatening injuries, the fire department told the outlet.

A total of 14 pessoas foram feridas.

The victim who lost their life was a teacher and 14 of her 10th-grade students were injured, Reuters relatado.

Officials said the person behind the wheel was a 29-year-old who was arrested after crashing into a Rakenstrasse store in Charlottenburg. It’s not clear if the incident was an accident, GB News reported.

Sobre Twitter, Berlin Senator Iris Spranger addressed the incident in a message written in German.

I’m back in my situation center: According to the latest information, today’s events on #Tauentzienstrasse are an amok act by a mentally handicapped person,” an English translation by Google Translate read.

Thilo Cablitz, a Berlin police spokesman told reporters at the scene that witnesses grabbed the driver and gave him to authorities, a Vezes disse.

Part of the reconstruction of the event, claro, is to look at the extent to which this was an intentional act or a traffic accident that may have occurred because of an exceptional medical situation,” Cablitz added.