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Lily Rose Releases Debut Project Stronger Than I Am and Talks Breaking Barriers for the LGBTQ Community

Lily Rose Releases Debut Project Stronger Than I Am and Talks Breaking Barriers for the LGBTQ Community

Lily Rose is breaking barriers in country music.

The country singer released her debut 7-track project Mais forte do que eu na sexta, and opened up to PEOPLE about her experience as a member of the LGBTQ community in country music.

Rose says she hopes that through her music, she can pave a way for people to haveno fearwhen following their dreams.

It’s a heavy role to have when you think about it. But taking it day by day, I’ve always prided myself on authenticity,” Rosa, 28, diz à PEOPLE. “And I’m really lucky that I’ve come from a family that has embraced me with open arms.

“Espero com minha musica, Agora posso mostrar a outros pais e filhos que não há medo. Seu filho pode fazer qualquer coisa,” Ela adiciona. “Não há medo de, 'Nós vamos, Não sei se você será aceito ou abraçado,’ ou qualquer que seja a palavra que você deseja usar.”

Ela continua, “It’s just no fear. If you be yourself and you’re a good person and you love the people around you, you have a great recipe to achieve really good things.

When it comes to her album, Rose says that this project is “um sonho tornado realidade” and for the first time in her career, she’s a fan of herown songs.

I can’t turn my own project off right now, and I never listened to my own songs ever. I listen to the demos before we cut them. But once we cut them, I don’t listen to them again until they’re out. So the fact that I haven’t been able to turn my own project off before it’s released is pretty special to me,” a “Villian” cantor diz.

Lily Rose

Lily Rose
Lily Rose
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Rose tells PEOPLE that she hopes her fans feel a sense of relatability when listening to her music.

Even if you have nothing going on on the side of grief or break up or anything in your life, it still will pull your heart right out of your chest,” ela diz. “I’m not dealing with any loss right now. And I’m in a very happy relationship. And that song just makes me be like, 'Droga, I’m sad.'

The happy relationship Rose is referring to is with her girlfriend Daira Eamon — whom she often draws inspiration from when writing music.

“Quando se trata de escrever, sempre põe um grande sorriso no meu rosto quando escrevo sobre ser feliz e me apaixonar. Seja o momento de escrever sobre a noite em que conheci Daira, or just where we’re at in our relationship right now. Every last one is a great reflection of being together for three years,” Rose explains.

When asked what she’s most excited about when it comes to her upcoming tour with Chris Lane, Rose diz “the consistency,” but jokes we may need to check back in a few months.

“[O que] I’m most excited about for the Chris Lane tour is having some sort of rhythm and consistency. I’ve never gotten to put on the same show multiple nights in a row ever before. So catch me halfway through the tour, you’re going to be like, ‘Lily, how are you liking the consistency?’ And I’m going to be like, ‘I’m over it,'” ela diz brincando.

Lily Rose

Lily Rose
Crédito: Lily Rose

When it comes down to her music icons, Rose narrowed it down to Katy Perry e Taylor Swift no “pop world” e Rascal Flatts, Lady A e Keney Chesney in country music — but Bruce Springsteen holds a special place in her heart.

Bruce Springsteen is the one that made me fall in love with performing and being an artist,” Rose diz.

Rose diz “Mais forte do que eu,” the title track on her new album, represents the next chapter in her career — and she hopes when people think of Rose, they think of that song.

Mais forte do que eu está fora agora.