スクリームコスターズコートニーコックスとメリッサバレラスプーフフレンズ: 「いくつかのものは立ち入り禁止です’

スクリームコスターズコートニーコックスとメリッサバレラスプーフフレンズ: 'Some Things Are Off Limits'

There’s only so much a girl can take!

In a video shared to her Instagram on Wednesday, コートニーコックス had some fun with 悲鳴 共演 メリッサ・バレラ when the pair spoofed 友達 by appearing outside of Monica Geller’s iconic Manhattan apartment.

The hilarious clip begins with Cox, 57, playfully running into Barrera, 31, and greeting her on the street.

Where you going?” Cox asks Barrera, prompting the actress to point at Monica’s apartment.

I’m just going home,” NS ハイツで star replies, motioning toward the building.

“おお, you’re going home?” questions Cox, who played Monica on the NBC comedy. “That’s weird. I don’t think that’s your home.

Cox then puts her hands on Barrera’s shoulders and continues, “I’m actually really happy you joined the 悲鳴 キャスト, but this is not okay. This is off limits.

Barrera pleads, “来て, Court.

“番号, メリッサ. 番号. There’s only so much. 来て, go back to the heights,” referring to Barrera’s role as Vanessa in the movie musical.

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As Barrera walks away, she screams in a Monica fashion, “知っている!”

Stop imitating me,” Cox quips back, while Barrera mumbles, “So pathetic.

Alongside the video of the playful exchange, Cox wrote in the caption, “Some things are off limits.

But… I’ll be there for you ?,” commented Barrera, referencing the classic 友達 テーマソング.

Both Cox and Barrera appear in the fifth installment of the 悲鳴 フランチャイズ.

The trailer for the latest chapter dropped earlier this month. In addition to Cox, 悲鳴 veterans ネーヴ・キャンベルデヴィッド・アークエット will also reprise their roles in the highly anticipated film.

The movie also welcomes a slew of newcomers to the franchise — including Kyle Gallner, メイソン・グッディング, マイキーマディソン, ディラン・ミネット, ジェナ・オルテガ, ジャスミンサボイブラウン, ソニア・アンマー, ジャック・クエイド and Barrera.

悲鳴 hits theaters on January 14, 2022.