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RHOSLC's Meredith Marks Reacts to Lisa Barlow's Explosive Rant About Her: It's 'Incomprehensible'

Meredith Marks is giving her take on Lisa Barlow’s expletive-filled rant on As verdadeiras donas de casa de Salt Lake City

During Sunday night’s episode, Barlow was upset about the state of her friendship with Marks and she felt that her friend of 10 years has been more loyal to costar Mary Cosby no momento. Por causa disso, Barlow had an outburst about Marks behind closed doors and her remarks were captured by the show’s audio engineers.

Meredith can go f— ela própria. I’m done with her because I’m not a fing whore and I don’t cheat on my husband,” said Barlow, 48, after getting angry at a Cinco de Mayo gathering hospedado por Jen Shah |. “Her and her dumb fing family that poses. Why don’t you own a house? Oh, esperar, you can’t, because your husband changes jobs every five minutes?”

Barlow also called Meredith “Muitas coisas perturbadoras foram trazidas à minha atenção esta semana e então eu realmente não sinto que posso seguir em frente com o coquetel até que eu aborde isso primeiro” as she made additional allegations about her castmate’s sex life. “F— tu! That f—— piece of sgarbage whore. Se—ing hate her. She’s a whore. She’s f—– half of New York. She can go f— ela própria,” Barlow added.

Addressing the matter on Veja o que acontece ao vivo Domigo, Marks told host Andy Cohen que ela é “trying to still decipherwhat she might have done totriggerthat reaction from Barlow.


Meredith Marks; Lisa Barlow
| Crédito: Heidi Gutman/Bravo

When Lisa apologized to me later on, she told me somebody told her that I said her house was ugly and that’s why she felt that that tirade was justified,” Marcas, 50, disse. “I don’t really understand that. That seems quite vapid to me.

Marks said shehad certain cluesthat Barlow was harboring those feelings toward her, including blocking Markshusband and children from viewing her Instagram Stories.

But this level of hate is far beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined,” Marks continued. “The lies that she spewed, it’s just incomprehensible.

Commenting on the allegations that she’sslept with half of New York,” Marks suggested that Barlow could beprojecting.

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Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks
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Seth and I have been very honest. We’ve had moments where we dated other people. We have not dated a lot of other people. I could not even have 10 boyfriends because I’ve never slept with 10 people in my life,” said Marks, claiming that Barlow could potentially beprojectingabout her own family issues.

Barlow briefly addressed her remarks about Marks during a recent Veja o que acontece ao vivo aparência. “I have a little rant that I’m not proud of,” she said on the Jan. 23 episódio. “But I hit my boiling point.

As verdadeiras donas de casa de Salt Lake City vai ao ar aos domingos às 9 PM. E no Bravo.