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Avril Lavigne diz a Travis Barker para "me morder’ como ela vaza o teaser de nova colaboração no TikTok

Avril Lavigne Tells Travis Barker to 'Bite Me' as She Leaks Teaser of New Collab on TikTok

Avril Lavigne is making all our early aughts pop punk dreams come true with her new single.

The eight-time Grammy Award nominee, 37, teased her upcoming collaboration with Travis Barker — entitled “Morde-me” — in a short video posted to TikTok on Saturday, a day after announcing the track. “Baby you can BITE ME,” Lavigne captioned the grampo.

You should have known better / To fwith someone like me / Forever and ever / You’re gonna wish I was your wifey / Should have held on / Should have treated me right,” she sang into a mic, while playing guitar in a pink-lit rehearsal space. A shirtless Barker, 45, joined her on the drums.

Lavigne linked to the clip from her Instagram Story, sharing a screenshot of her text exchange with the Blink-182 drummer. “Can I leak Bite Me on TikTok?” ela escreveu. “O que?” Barker responded, before she sent: “Oops I just did it.

The Canadian artist announced the song sexta-feira, posting the single art to Instagram, in which she sat on the floor next to a black and red heart-shaped cake, scribed with “Morde-me” in red icing. “Are you ready to ‘BITE ME’?” ela escreveu na legenda, announcing that the track drops Nov. 10.

She and Barker will debut the single semana que vem, performing it live for the first time on The Late Late Show com James Corden.

Lavigne announced that she joined Barker’s DTA Records earlier this week, posting photos of her contract signing, which quickly got messy with champagne and cake. They went all out for the occasion, decorating with mylar balloons that readDTA x Avril.

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Avril Lavigne Tells Travis Barker to 'Bite Me' as They Tease New Collab on TikTok

Avril Lavigne diz a Travis Barker para "me morder’ as They Tease New Collab on TikTok
Crédito: Avril Lavigne/Instagram

Let’s f— s— acima! Just signed a record contract to Travis Barker’s record label DTA Records! Should I drop my first single next week?” Avril captioned the fotos. “Let’s goooooo,” Barker wrote in the comments.

O Let Go artist has been dating Barker’s close friend and collaborator Mod Sun. O casal foi o primeiro romanticamente ligado em fevereiro, after dropping their collaboration “Chamas” do álbum dele Internet Killed the Rockstar em janeiro, for which Barker served as a producer. Elas fizeram sua estreia no tapete vermelho at the MTV Video Music Awards in September.

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Lavigne told PEOPLE in April that she and Sun, 34, “had an immediate connection from the first day in the studio,” adicionando: “He’s an incredible artist and producer. This is the first of many. Proud of what we made with ‘Flames.'