コートニーカーダシアンタトゥー‘K’ 夫のトラヴィス・バーカー: 「私の最高の仕事’

Kourtney Kardashian Tattoos 'K' on Husband Travis Barker: 'My Finest Work'

トラビス・バーカー has added another tattoo to his vast ink collection — only this time the tattoo artist was wife コートニー・カーダシアン!

The 43-year-old Poosh mogul shared on her Instagram stories that her husband is now rocking the letter ‘Kon his arm, along with a heart. Kardashian made sure it was clear she made the design, as she captioned the photo, “Some of my finest work @travisbarker.

And she is not the only family member who has permanently inked Barker. The 46-year-old admitted that his kids, 降下する, 18, と アラバマ, 16, also have had the chance. 彼が言った GQ で 2016 インタビュー, “I have this portion on my thigh where basically anytime I get tattooed, if they’re around and they want to, they can grab the gun and doodle on me. It’s like a sketchbook. Those are the memories that are really priceless.

It all started because Landon wanted a tattoo. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t. He was worked up and in tears. I had to explain that I’d go to jail if you get a tattoo. だから私は言った, “Let’s make a deal, you tattoo me.'


クレジット: コートニー・カーダシアン/ Instagram

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Barker elaborated on the significance of having the designs on his body permanently. “私のため, it’s documenting part of my life or people, もの, times in my life. When I’m dead and gone I want people to be able to look at my body and basically relive my life in some ways.

The drummer found himself in a life-and-death situation just days ago, 彼の後 入院しました due to pancreatitis, 消化と血糖値の調節を助ける臓器の炎症.

ラスベガス, NEVADA - 4月 03: (L-R) コートニーカーダシアンとトラビスバーカーは、4月にMGMグランドガーデンアリーナで開催される第6ネバダラミー賞に出席します。 03, 2022 ラスベガスで, Nevada. (ジェフクラビッツ/FilmMagicによる写真)

ラスベガス, ネバダ – 4月 03: (L-R) コートニーカーダシアンとトラビスバーカーは、4月にMGMグランドガーデンアリーナで開催される第64回グラミー賞に出席します。 03, 2022 ラスベガスで, ネバダ. (ジェフクラビッツ/FilmMagicによる写真)
クレジット: ジェフクラビッツ/ FilmMagic

He has since updated his 7.5 million Instagram followers that he is doing “ずっといい” そして火曜日に, the Blink-182 drummer was photographed walking outside his recording studio in Calabasas, カリフォルニア.

“なんて恐ろしくて感動的な一週間だったんだろう. 私たちの健康はすべてであり、健康がどれほど急速に変化するかを当然のことと考えることがあります,” Kardashian wrote on Instagram amid his health scare. “トラビスと私は一緒に定期的な内視鏡検査を受けましたが、彼は最終的に重度でした, 生命を脅かす膵炎。”

Kardashian added added that she’s “夫を癒してくださった神にとても感謝しています,” 彼らのファンだけでなく’ 祈りとスペシャリスト, ロサンゼルスのCedars-Sinai Medical Centerの医師と看護師 “このような素晴らしい世話をするために” そのうちの.