Machine Gun Kelly Tells Travis Barker He Changed His Album Name After They Got Matching Tattoos

Machine Gun Kelly Tells Travis Barker He Changed His Album Name After They Got Matching Tattoos

マシンガンケリー has had a change of heart.

NS チケッツ・トゥ・マイ・ダウンフォール アーティスト, 31, revealed to pal トラビス・バーカー that he changed the name of his upcoming sixth studio album, six months after the pair got matching tattoos of the original title. “My bad,” 彼はキャプションを付けました ビデオ of his confession on Instagram.

He sat next to Barker, 46, in the clip as he prepared to break the news. “Ok, we’re friends no matter what, 右?” 彼は尋ねた, to which the Blink-182 drummer said “もちろん” before they shared a fist bump.

Remember when we gotthe new album name tattooed on her arms?” 彼は尋ねた, before cutting to a throwback clip of them showing off theirBorn with Horns” 入れ墨.

The friends appear to be just as in tune as ever, as Barker appeared to guess the big news. “You changed the…” he started before bursting out into laughter with MGK, who confirmed: “I’m changing the album name.

“わかった, what’s the new album name?” Barker asked as the updated logo flashed across the screen, boasting the title 主流の売り切れ.

MGK (né Colson Baker) originally announced the album’s title なので Born with Horns 8月に, when he and Barker first revealed their matching inks. “‘Born with Horns” アルバム. We’re back for round two…” 彼はその時に書いた.

The musician said he’s no longerholding back with his new music during an interview with ウィリーゴースト オン Sunday TODAY 10月中.

関連動画: ミーガンフォックスとマシンガンケリーが従事しています!

It feels more guitar-heavy for sure, lyrically it definitely goes deeper — but I never like to do anything the same,” Kelly tells Geist, 46. “Every album is a juxtaposition of the last album. So I went and studied 切符売場, and I heard the bright sound that I had, and for this album I just turned the lights off.

MGK debuted the music video for his and Barker’s single “ペーパーカット” 8月に, ahead of the album’s 2022 リリース. They also collaborated on his previous two albums, 2020'NS チケッツ・トゥ・マイ・ダウンフォールホテル ディアブロ (2019).