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Como Penélope Cruz protege seus filhos com Javier Bardem das redes sociais

Como Penélope Cruz protege seus filhos com Javier Bardem das redes sociais

Penélope Cruz is opening up about how she protects her children in the age of social media and technology.

O Mães paralelas atriz, 47, shares 8-year-old daughter Luna and 10-year-old son Leo with Javier Bardem.

Cruz explained herstrange relationship with social mediaduring an interview with Rita Braver of CBS Domingo de Manhã no sábado.

I use very little of it in a very careful way,” the Oscar-winning star said. “There is something that is not making sense and it’s especially affecting younger generations. I feel really bad for the ones that are teenagers now. It’s almost [Como] if the world was doing some kind of experiment on them. 'Oh, let’s see what happens if you expose a 12-year-old to that much technology.’ “

She called outthe lack of protectionfor young people on social media, adicionando: “There is no protection for them, for brains that are still developing and how that affects the way they see themselves, how everything related to bullying, so many things that are not the childhood that we had.

She shared how she’svery tough with technologywhen it comes to her two children. “We can watch movies sometimes or some cartoons. How can I not let them watch movies?” ela disse. “That has been some incredible moments of happiness since I was a little girl.

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Ainda, she suggested they won’t have phonesuntil they are much older,” e acrescentou, “No social media until at least 16.

I really see that that is protecting mental health, but I seem to be part of a minority,” Cruz concluded.

Cruz is no stranger to showcasing her dedication to her family. Dela O 355 Co-estrela Diane Kruger recently saluted Cruz and Bardem’s commitment to their children.

Javier and her, they’re just this amazing couple who put their family first, and so they go together as a unit,” Kruger contado PEOPLE at a tribute to Penélope Cruz at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City earlier this month.

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She shared how Cruz, who married Bardem in 2010, helped her navigate motherhood while on the set of the action-thriller, which will be released on Jan. 7.

As a new mother, my baby was 7 meses; that was my first film, so to be able to see someone manage it all — and it’s not easy sometimes — and still be so good at what she does, that’s a huge inspiration to me,” Kruger said. (Kruger shares a 3-filha de um ano com noivo Norman Reedus.)

She added that Cruz’s best mothering tip was tojust always make them feel like they’re welcome. No matter what happens.