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TikTok’s Barbara ‘BabsCostello Has a Brilliant Hack for Taking Thanksgiving Leftovers to Go brunchwithbabs/Tiktok brunchwithbabs/Tiktok

foto: brunchwithbabs/Tiktok

Bárbara “BabsCostello is dishing up a new tip just in time for Thanksgiving.

The 74-year-old social mediagranfluencerrecently shared a life-changing hack for giving guests leftovers on the big day—disposable cupcake tins!

In a video on herBrunch with BabsTikTok channel, the kitchen guru demonstrated the tins alternate use.

Set up a leftover station, and have your guests help themselves,” ela disse. “Perfect serving size for leftovers—they get a little bit of everything.

But the most brilliant part of her advice? The tin can go right into the oven for leftovers the next day, ela disse.

Costello’s tips are clearly resonating with those who love a good kitchen shortcut — or who hate loaning out their Tupperware. The video has 7.2 million views and counting.

The social media sensation’s latest viral idea comes on the heels of other holiday home runs.

Em um vídeo pegged to Halloween that garnered almost 28 million views in October, Costello showed how best to carve a pumpkin, offering that you should start by cutting a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, not the top. She also advised holding the gourd on your lap to help stabilize it while you’re cutting. Então, ela disse, break out the hand mixer.

Get all those strings cleaned up,” she said as her mixer whirred, gathering the pumpkin’s mushy seeds. “Your mixer did all the hard work of loosening all those strings.

E em setembro, a version ofBootcamp Babsoffered a timeless tutorial for loading the dishwasher.

The mother of four and grandmother of eight has amassed more than 700 videos in the two years since she started her channel on TikTok with her daughter on a lark during the pandemic.

But in an interview on Nightline no início deste ano, she shared that her notoriety has even surpassed her own expectations.

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I’ve had so many followers say ‘Babs, will you adopt me?,” ela lembrou, “And I always say, ‘Do you do dishes?'”