Wendy Stapleton Reveals Why Cousin Barbara Bush Chose Baby’s Name: ‘She Likes the Alliteration

Wendy Stapleton Reveals Why Cousin Barbara Bush Chose Baby's Name: 'She Likes the Alliteration'

Barbara Bush‘s cousin Wendy Wear Stapleton is offering insight into her newborn baby’s name.

バーバラ, 39, 歓迎された娘 コーラジョージア, her first baby with actor-writer husband クレイグ・コイン, 月曜日に.

She likes the alliteration, the Cora Coyne, so I know she was tossing around C names and that was kind of in the lead in late August, so I’m glad she did that,” Wear Stapleton exclusively told PEOPLE at the Points of Light Annual Award Gala at Casa Cipriani in New York City on Tuesday.

Wear Stapleton also shared why her cousin chose her daughter’s middle name for her father, former President George W. ブッシュ, and her grandfather, former President George H.W. ブッシュ: “Then she’s got the Georgia which is for her dad and her grandfather.

She also gushed about how she feels about where Cora George was born and the anticipation of their first encounter: “I think it’s so cool that she was born in Kennebunkport [in Maine] because we’re just kind of a tribe, and I can’t wait to meet her.

The Bush family has consistently spent their summers in Kennebunkport, as their compound on Walker’s Point is also located in the northeast coastal town.

から最大の物語を手に入れたい毎週平日? 新しいポッドキャストを購読する, 毎日の人々, 本質的な有名人を取得するには, 月曜日から金曜日までのエンターテインメントとヒューマンインタレストのニュース記事.

Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush
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During the event which honored well-known change-makers making an impact in their communities and the world, Barbara’s uncle, Neil Bush, revealed that Cora Georgia was born premature, which kept the new mom from attending the event.

She was six weeks early, otherwise she would have been here full of baby,” 彼は言った.

Neil’s daughter and cousin to Barbara, Lauren Bush Lauren described the euphoric mood of the new parents to PEOPLE, “They seem very smitten and happy.

What kind of mother does mom-of-three Bush Lauren believe Barbara will be? “素晴らしい, loving — a very cool mama!”