Outer Banks Renewed for Season 3 Netflixによる: ‘See You in Pougelandia

Outer Banks Renewed for Season 3 Netflixによる: 'See You in Pougelandia'

準備をしなさい, Pogues.

火曜日に, Netflix announced that アウターバンクス will be back for a third season.

アウターバンクス 出演者 チェイス・ストークス, マデリン・クライン, マディソンベイリー, ジョナサン・デイビス, Rudy Pankow and more. The cast helped celebrate the renewal in a video compiled from their own homes.

All the way from Poguelandia, I’ve got incoming news,” says Stokes. “季節 3 赤ちゃん! We’re coming back, season 3.

Back like we never left,” adds Bailey.

Daviss and Pankow are even seen celebrating the news by jumping into a pool together.

See you in Poguelandia, 赤ちゃん!” says Carlicia Grant, who plays Cleo.

Set in the Outer Banks islands off the coast of North Carolina, the show follows a group of four friends who stumble upon a treasure map — and with it, a bunch of alarming small-town secrets.

The show became an instant hit when season 1 premiered in April 2020 and kept its momentum going throughout season 2, which hit the streaming service in July 2021.

The show was nominated for four awards at the 2021 ピープルズチョイスアワード 火曜日の夜, including The Bingeworthy Show of 2021 (which it lost to another viral hit — イカゲーム.) Stokes took home the award for The Drama TV Star of 2021, for his role as John B in the drama series.

Stokes and Cline, who met on set of Outer Banks and dated throughout the filming of season 2, split after a year in October. But just last month, 彼らは見られました 一緒に時間を過ごす over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Though they appeared to be in good spirits as they danced at a bar and took photos with fans, a source told PEOPLE the two are not rekindling their romance.

“彼らはただの友達です,” ソースは言った.

A premiere date for season 3 の アウターバンクス has not yet been announced.