Elizabeth Banks Says Jennifer Lawrence Stuck a Fan up Her Dress During ‘Hunger Gamesto Cool Her Off

ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration - Roaming Inside

ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration - Roaming Inside

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エリザベス・バンクス wore some of the most memorable costumes during the ハンガーゲーム フランチャイズ.

でも, some of those ensembles were a bit stuffy in the hot Atlanta sun that the cast was filming in. One of those beautiful but stifling looks was the butterfly dress that BanksEffie Trinket wears during a part in ハンガー・ゲーム: Catching Fire.

Fortunately for Banks, she had a hand in keeping cool while filming, thanks to co-star ジェニファーローレンス.

Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), Effie Trinket (エリザベス・バンクス) and Katniss Everdeen (ジェニファーローレンス) in CATCHING FIRE

Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), Effie Trinket (エリザベス・バンクス) and Katniss Everdeen (ジェニファーローレンス) in CATCHING FIRE

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Catching Fire, I wore the butterfly dress, which was actually feathers, そうだった 110 度, and Jen Lawrence actually held the fan up into my dress,” 銀行, 48, 言った ドリュー・バリモア on the Thursday episode of ドリューバリモアショー, during Barrymore’sfavorite game,” Behind the Scenes.

Barrymore was visibly thrilled by this tidbit of information from filming, telling Banks that Lawrence is truly a “妹” for doing that. Banks agreed, 言って, “That’s a sister.

This was far from the first hardship Banks experienced while in costume filming ハンガー・ゲーム. 彼女 told Ellen DeGeneres on an episode of her show in 2012 that she also had a really hard time simply using the bathroom during breaks because of the fingernails she had to wear!

The nails [そうだった] the worst part. I had these huge bejeweled nails. You can’t undo a button,” 彼女はショーで言った. “I couldn’t use my Blackberry. The biggest problem was I couldn’t go to the bathroom. I had like, ladies in waiting… and I would stop drinking water. I felt so bad about bringing people to the bathroom with me.

ストーリーを見逃すことはありません—サインアップしてください の無料の週刊ニュースレター 毎週金曜日に受信トレイに配信される週の最大のニュースを取得するには.

She went on to say that herladies in waitinghad to not only hand her the toilet paper when she went to the bathroom, but they had to totally unzip her costume because her skirts had to go down rather than up.

You would think you could hike it up but no — they were too tight. I couldn’t get them over these thighs. They all had to go down and up and unzip and button. I had these undergarments holding it all together and very constricting… Good times, good times,” 彼女は言いました.

銀行’ costumes as Effie have stood the test of time, けれど, そしてさえ Lil Nas X seems to be a fan. 彼のための “モンテロ” video last year, he wore an outfit reminiscent of Effie.

Banks posted a photo to Instagram of herself in costume as the fashion-forward character, next to one of リル・ナズ・エックス in a similar steampunk Victorian look from the video. “本音をいうと, わくわく. @lilnasx you do you #montero,” 彼女はキャプションに書いた.