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Adrienne Banfield-Norris Marks 31 Years of Clean Living After Decades-Long Heroin Addiction

Adrienne Banfield-Norris Marks 31 Years of Clean Living After Decades-Long Heroin Addiction

Adrienne “Gammy” Banfield-Norris is grateful for 31 years of clean living.

In a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday, the 68-year-old Conversa de mesa vermelha co-host opened up about her sobriety journey, saying she takes it day by day.

So I’m outside and I just wanted to take a few minutes to be peaceful and still,” began Banfield-Norris. “Today is my anniversary, my clean date. 31 anos.”

She went on to quote Narcotics Anonymousmantra ofone day at a time,” before referencing a passage from the program’s Basic Text.

When at the end of the road we find that we can no longer function as a human being, either with or without drugs, we all face the same dilemma.the passage read. “Either go on as best we can to the bitterends — jails, institutions or death — or find a new way to live.

Said Banfield-Norris: “That passage couldn’t be more appropriate on a day like today because for me, that passage is about surrender.

‘I spent so many years in that insanity of active addiction, running in and out, and just that revolving door — you know, trying to get my life back together. That surrender was a struggle,” the talk show host explained. “But it was the surrender that was the beginning of the change in my life.

Banfield-Norris detailed her past drug addiction during an emotional episode of Conversa de mesa vermelha em 2018 com filha Jada Pinkett Smith, admitting that sheabused drugs for over 20 anos.”

I think I didn’t find out my mother was addicted to heroin until I was in my teens,” Pinkett Smith, 50, disse na época, adding that she couldtell when my mother was highwhen she couldn’t pick her up from school on time or wasfalling asleep in the middle of something.

You just realize, Oh, that’s not being tired, isso é como, a drug problem,” ela adicionou.

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red table talk
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Banfield-Norris then admitted that she got clean when a man she was interested in wanted to start a relationship with her; no entanto, she got to a point where she wanted to stay clean for no one else other than herself, e eventualmente, religion began to play a huge part in her clean lifestyle.

I had to come to the understanding that there was a power,” ela disse. “That God had been looking out for us, you and me both, through all of that. And I just had to let go and surrender so I could receive what he was trying to give to me, through other people.

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