噂のケイティ・クーリックアシュリー・バンフィールドが彼女に取って代わろうとした: 「それは私の寛大な側面を引き出しませんでした’

噂のケイティ・クーリックアシュリー・バンフィールドが彼女に取って代わろうとした: 'It Didn't Bring Out My Generous Side'

ケイティ・クーリック is clarifying her stance after she says words about fellow female journalists in her upcoming memoir そこに行く そうだった “cherry-picked and twistedin pre-publication leaks by tabloids.

Of former colleague アシュリー・バンフィールド, Couric writes in the book that sheheard through the grapevine that her father was telling anyone who’d listen that she was going to replace me. その環境で, mentorship sometimes felt like self-sabotage.

In multiple sit-down interviews with PEOPLE, 前者 今日 co-anchor asserts that there is a difference between being protective of her hard-won position and tearing other women down. (Banfield had responded to the leaked passage by wondering whether Couric’s view of her had negatively impacted her career at NBC.) Couric says she never iced Banfield out.

“絶対違う,” クーリックは言う, 64, in this week’s cover story. “I think if someone was openly saying they were going to replace me, I don’t think I helped them. I never iced her out. I never criticized her. It just didn’t bring out my generous side.



The culture at the time and the scarcity of high-profile jobs for women — not to mention the fact that I watched ジェーン [Pauley] get pushed out [なので 今日 co-anchor in 1989] because of the whims of the men in charge — sometimes made me feel protective of my position,” 彼女は続けます.

彼女の本では, Couric admits to feeling like she needed to “私の芝生を保護します” on the morning news show, 彼女が働いた場所 1991 使って 2006, and says she was aware “若くてかわいい人がいつも角を曲がっていた,” naming Banfield, 53, 例として.

ケイティ・クーリックの詳細, PEOPLEの最新号をピックアップ, 金曜日のニューススタンドで, またはサブスクライブ ここ.



Banfield, 2000年代初頭にNBC特派員だった人, することを決めました correct the recordlast month on her NewsNation show. She said Couric’s claims about her dad werejust not true.

Banfield said she wasstunnedwhen she first read the leaked comments, and that when she first met Couric, “she was the queen of television, and nobody was better than Katie.

インタビューで TMZ in early October, Banfield discussed Couric’s view of her and the abrupt end of her career at the network.

I’ve just been going over the last 20 years of why my career just derailed so quickly with no explanation at NBC,” she said in a video interview with the outlet. “All I can think about is that I was at the top of my game. I had just come back from Afghanistan, I had a million viewers at night at 9 時… The press on me was huge and it was positive. And just within an instant and with no warning and no explanation, it was just all over. It all disappeared. They canceled me.

To have them unceremoniously ditch me — it broke my heart, it broke my soul,” 彼女は付け加えた. But Banfield understands why Couric felt like mentorship could beself-sabotage.

I don’t think it’s wrong that Katie felt that way,” she told TMZ. “I think that every woman, no matter how successful they were, felt like they were disposable on television.

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そこに行く, Couric also addresses sexism in the media. She tells PEOPLE she “守られた” と “supportedwomen however she could in a tough industry.

I encouraged women that I was working with and who were producing and writing for me and booking stories for me,” 彼女が言います. “I would encourage other reporters and tell them how great they were.

It was male-dominated,” 彼女は続けます, “and I think I tried to support women wherever I could, however I could.

そこに行く hits bookstores on Oct. 26.