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Gene Simmons Tests Positive for COVID Days After Bandmate Paul Stanley as KISS Postpones 4 Spettacoli

Gene Simmons Tests Positive for COVID Days After Bandmate Paul Stanley as KISS Postpones 4 Spettacoli

Just days after bandmate Paul Stanley tested positive for COVID-19, KISS rocker Gene Simmons has done the same, prompting the band to postpone four Midwest shows.

KISS announced on Tuesday that its next four tour dates will be pushed back, as Simmons, 72, ha tested positive for the virus and is experiencing “mite” sintomi.

While Paul Stanley recently tweeted that he has recovered from COVID, Gene Simmons has now tested positive and is experiencing mild symptoms,” the band said in a statement. “The band and crew will remain at home and isolate for the next 10 days and doctors have indicated the tour should be able to resume on September 9th at FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA.

Everyone on KISSEnd of the Road World Tour, including the band and their crew members, is fully vaccinated, according to a previous dichiarazione.

The postponed shows were set to take place on Sept. 1 a Clarkston, Michigan, settembre. 2 in Dayton, Ohio, settembre. 4 in Tinley Park, Illinois and Sept. 5 a Milwaukee.

Il “I Was Made for Lovin’ Voi” rockers were previously forced to cancel their Aug. 26 mostrare in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania after Stanley, 69, tested positive.

Il cantante reassured fans that he was “bene” and had not been hospitalized, but said he was suffering flu-like symptoms before finally testing positive.

Di lunedi, he revealed that he is fully recovered — but that the virus did a number on him.

My COVID symptoms were MILD compared to many others and let me tell you… It kicked my ass,” Stanley wrote on Twitter. “It’s over now.

Simmons has not yet commented on his positive test, but retweeted KISS’ dichiarazione di martedì, as well as a CNN article that covered Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s PSA encouraging Americans to get vaccinated.

Il Gene Simmons Family Jewels alum has repeatedly expressed support for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

This is really serious stuff. There are people dying because governors — DeSantis, cough, in Florida — are really hurting people by not mandating masks,” disse Yahoo! all'inizio di questo mese. “I may not be able to force you to get a vaccine. E comunque, I think it should be a law.

This is a pandemic and it’s very catchy potentially and you could be infecting other people, which is why I’m a firm believer that this should be a law,” Ha aggiunto.

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Casi rivoluzionari — COVID-19 infections that occur in people who have been fully vaccinated against the virus — are rare, ma possibile e previsto, come i vaccini no 100 percentuale efficace nella prevenzione delle infezioni. Ancora, le persone vaccinate che risultano positive saranno probabilmente asintomatiche o sperimenteranno una malattia molto più lieve che se non fossero state vaccinate. La maggior parte dei decessi per COVID-19 — intorno 98 a 99 per cento - sono in persone non vaccinate.

Upon announcing Stanley’s positive test, KISS said that the band had taken precautions amid the virusspread, including having the band and crew operatingin a bubble independently to safeguard everyone as much as possible at each show and in between shows.

The tour also has a COVID safety protocol officer on staff full-time that is ensuring everyone is closely following all CDC guidelines,” il dichiarazione aggiunto.

Attuale Centers for Disease Control guidelines encourage people to avoid large gatherings. If choosing to attend a large gathering, the CDC suggests considering factors like COVID-19 transmission in the community and what the behavior of attendees might be like. The CDC encourages people to continue social distancing and to wear masks.