Baltimore Shelter Caring for ‘Big Guy’ Snapping Turtle After Reptile Turns Up in City Gutter

Baltimore Shelter Caring for 'Big Guy' Snapping Turtle After Reptile Turns Up in City Gutter

The Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS) is hosting an unusual resident.

On Monday, BARCS shared on Facebook that a giant snapping turtle recently ended up under the shelter’s care.

“When we say BARCS is an open-admission animal shelter that takes in all animals, we mean it! Our new turtle friend was found in a gutter in the city when he should have been hibernating,” the Maryland animal shelter wrote alongside a picture of reptile.

“Now, he’s safe from the elements and will get the care he needs,” the post added.

It is unclear how the turtle ended up plopped in a Baltimore gutter, but BARCS is embracing the mystery.

“Some mysteries in life may never be solved. Like, are we alone in the universe? Which came first: the chicken or the egg? And, most importantly, how did this snapping turtle friend end up roaming around Baltimore City?!” BARCS shared in its Facebook post.

Commenters on Facebook responded to the shelter’s announcement by thanking BARCS for helping all animals and making remarks about the reptile’s strangely adorable appearance.

“What a cute hairless puppy! Does it get along with cats?” one commenter jokingly asked.

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BARCS’s Facebook photo of its shelled resident has garnered over 1,000 likes, making it clear that the turtle has many fans, but the reptile won’t be moving in with any Baltimore natives.

“No, this big guy isn’t available for adoption — he’ll be transferred to a partner rescue organization that specializes in wildlife care. We hope he’ll be released back into the wild shortly!” BARCS wrote in their Facebook post about the turtle’s future.