メラニーグリフィスは「ママ」で64歳の誕生日を祝います’ 娘からの風船: '私は愛する’ 彼ら

Melanie Griffith Celebrates 64th Birthday with 'Mama' Balloons from Daughters: 'I Love' Them

メラニー・グリフィス‘s daughters ダコタジョンソンStella Banderas celebrated their mother’s 64th birthday with a cute display!

Griffith — who turned 64 on Monday — shared a photo on Friday showing off the birthday balloons she received from Johnson, 31, and Banderas, 24.

The sisters gifted the Working Girl actress large gold balloons that spelled out “ママ,” which were placed at the end of a dining table decorated with flowers and candles.

I love my daughters ♥️,” Griffith captioned the photo.

melanie griffith

melanie griffith
| クレジット: Melanie Griffith/Instagram

The actress shares her 31-year-old daughter with ex-husband ドン・ジョンソン and her 24-year-old daughter with ex-husband アントニオ・バンデラス. She is also a mom to Alexander Bauer, whom she shares with ex-husband Steven Bauer.

去年, グリフィス, shared a photo of herself outside of her front gate that was decorated with balloons and a “誕生日おめでとう” バナー, revealing her children and ex-husbands were to thank for the decor.

I’ve gotten flowers and gifts and sweet texts and FaceTimes from my children, my ex-husbands and sooo many dear friends,” 彼女はInstagramに書いた. “I am so grateful to all of you!! Thank you for thinking of me and showing me so much love!!!”

9月中, 女優 人々に言った she’s spent much of her time at homegoing through all the photos and heirlooms that I have as a result of my family, 私の子供, my husbands.

All three of them are my friends,” Griffith said of her exes. “I love them with all my heart. Looking at the things you accumulate in your life has been really fun.