The celebrations continue for ジェニファー・ロペスベン・アフレック!

The newlyweds enjoyed a romantic birthday dinner for Lopez near the Eiffel Tower late Sunday evening, during which Lopez, 53, wore a long black dress, stiletto heels, a pearl necklace and sparkly earrings. アフレック, 49, sported a black suit, white shirt and black shoes.

その周り 11 午後, the couple arrived at the celebrity-loved Le Girafe restaurant, a ’30s-inspired indoor/outdoor seafood eatery with a terrace offering stunning views of the Eiffel Tower.

An observer tells PEOPLE that the アルゴ actor/director and 結婚してください actress were seated at a table closest to the landmark, and had a turquoise balloon attached to their table, which they’d brought with them.

They were close, とても近い, to one another the entire time. They embraced one another a lot,” ソースは追加します, saying they seemed very “恋愛中。”

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Jennifer Lopez Affleck celebrates her 53rd birthday during her honeymoon with her new hubby Ben Affleck in Paris

Jennifer Lopez Affleck celebrates her 53rd birthday during her honeymoon with her new hubby Ben Affleck in Paris
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According to the observer, Affleck took Lopez’s photo around midnight, when she stood up from their table as the tower’s evening lights twinkled.

Then she released the balloon [と] set it to sail off towards the Tower,” ソースは言う.

Lopez and Affleck wrapped their meal around 12:45 午前。, インサイダーは言う, at which time a server brought over a cake with candles.

When the stars arrived back at their hotel around 1:30 午前。, “there were still a few fans out front,” the observer says. “One had brought Jennifer a birthday presentone of those little Eiffel Towers that light up. She was very touched and posed with him,” ソースは言う, adding that Lopez carried the illuminated statue inside.

Earlier on Lopez’s birthday Sunday, the couple mixed couture culture and shopping. In the afternoon, the pair visited the maison Dior on Avenue Montaigne, viewing a new gallery tribute to founding designer Christian Dior. その後, they spent several hours at the refurbished department store Samaritaine, admiring its combination of Art Nouveau design and luxury products

新婚夫婦 パリに飛び出した for a romantic getaway last Thursday, and have since been photographed フランスの首都周辺 彼らに従って ラスベガスでのサプライズウェディング the previous weekend.

関連動画: ジェニファー・ロペスベン・アフレック ラスベガスの結婚式の後、パリを散歩

Affleck and Lopez were spotted Saturday evening at the recently opened Plénitude, a skyline restaurant at the hotel Cheval Blanc.

After dinner at the restaurant, ペア stopped for dessert at a Berthillon ice-cream shop on the Île Saint-Louis. Once their night was over, a bouquet of balloons was delivered to the couple’s hotel suite around midnight.

その日早く, Lopez and Affleck were seen heading to lunch with their children, before taking a two-hour private tour of the river Seine on Petrus III, 71フィートのチーク “紳士のヨット” 1950年代に建てられました. They also paid a visit to the Marais district’s Picasso Museum.

The couple was previously seen kissing and cuddling on a park bench for more than two hours on Friday. A source told PEOPLE they were “二人の十代の若者たちのように … とても愛情深い, とても気配りがあります.”

Lopez and Affleck later strolled around the city with their kids that same day, マレ地区とロジエ通りを歩く, ポンピドゥーセンターまで. 彼らはまた、ヴィンテージの買い物や、セーヌ川を渡ってオルセー美術館への旅行を楽しんだ。.