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Ohio Softball Coach Sexually Abused a Student, Then Begged Teen Not to Tell Authorities

Ashley Rison

Ashley Rison

Ashley Rison.
Foto: Butler County Sheriff’s Office

A former high school softball coach in Ohio has pleaded guilty to sexual battery involving a teen student.

Ashley Rison, 31, who also worked as a teacher’s aide at New Miami High School, also pleaded guilty Wednesday to gross sexual imposition.

Prosecutors said that Rison engaged in sexual conduct with a student multiple times before she was reported.

It was discovered she was in a car with the [victim] and observed and it went from there,” Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser tells PEOPLE.

Authorities hadrecordings between Ms. Rison and the child of where Ms. Rison makes multiple incriminating statements in asking, begging the child not to report her to the authorities,” Butler County Assistant Prosecutor Lindsay Sheehan previously said, WXIX segnalato.

Rison had been employed with the New Miami Local School Board since 2015. She resigned in May of 2021, WXIX reported.

Every prosecutor that I have ever known, and in every state I have ever dealt with, takes cases involving teachers and students very seriously with respect to sexual conduct and contact,” says Gmoser.

Aggiunge: “We are dealing with impressionable young minds, and along time comes an adult who takes advantage of them. We take all felonies seriously but I think we add a little extra seriousness to these positions-of-trust type offenses. Prosecutors can hold these people accountable to let them know we take this seriously.

Rison is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 16, il Journal-News segnalato.

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