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Winston Duke’s Pants ‘Split OpenWhile Wrestling with Chadwick Boseman for ‘Black Panther’ Audição

Winston Duke had a memorable first meeting with Chadwick Boseman.

Na segunda-feira, a Pantera negra: Wakanda para sempre star appeared on The Tonight Show, estrelado por Jimmy Fallon and shared with Jimmy Fallon that he and Boseman first met at Duke’s final audition for 2018’s Pantera negra.

We were going through the scenes and they’re like, ‘We just want to see how you guys are going to be together, how you’re gonna play, so could you wrestle or something? Could you wrestle around?’ ” Duque, who added that the film made for his first movie role, told Fallon. “E eu sou como, 'OK, tudo bem. If that’s gonna get me this job I’m gonna wrestle.’ ”

I got in there, e eu, gostar, crouched down and the first thing that happened was my pants split open,” Duque, 38, told Fallon, making both the 48-year-old talk show host and his audience laugh.

I tell you, I have the best things happen to me,” ele adicionou. “I tell you, God has a sense of humor, that is the one thing I can confirm, and I’m like — I’m one of his favorites.

“Oh, we saw it,” Duke explained to Fallon when askedhow he knewthat his pants had ripped open.

Despite the embarrassing detail of his final audition, Duke implied during his Show de hoje à noite appearance that the gaffe may have helped him win the role of M’Baku in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.




I’ve always adopted this thing when it comes to auditions, Eu era como, 'Você sabe o que? I don’t have to book the job, I just have to win the room. If I know I win the room, they’ll invite me back someday,’ ” Duke told Fallon. “So I always go in places and I say, ‘I need to win the room,’ and when I split my pants I was like, ‘I’m winning.’ ”

No one else did this!” Duke added. “eu disse, pelo menos, if I don’t get this job, and I said that to them right then and there, ‘You guys are going to have to buy me new pants.’ ”

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During Duke’s Show de hoje à noite entrevista, the actor revealed that the entire Wakanda para sempre cast went to “[Boseman’s] grave site and we all, as a cast, said goodbye,” to the star, quem died of colon cancer in 2020 na idade 43 after privately battling with the disease for four years.

It is an honorable film. It is a film that is a perfect film for the last three years of our lives,” Duke told Fallon of Wakanda para sempre. “We’ve all lost, we’ve all suffered, we’ve all felt deep grief, and it’s about coming through that.

Em outubro, Duke said on the Jemele Hill Is Unbothered podcast que Boseman’s death lefta gaping holeon the set of the upcoming film from Marvel Studios.

Pantera negra: Wakanda para sempre chega aos cinemas em novembro. 11.