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Paul Mescal and Joe Alwyn Reveal ‘Hot PriestAndrew Scott Started Their ‘Tortured Man ClubGroup Chat

Paul Mescal, Joe Alwyn, Andrew Scott

Paul Mescal, Joe Alwyn, Andrew Scott

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Paul Mescal e Joe Alwyn have revealed the creator of their very exclusive boys club.

After the latter opened up about theirTortured Man Clubgroup chat on WhatsApp in May, they discussed the third member in their Sally Rooney extended universe, explaining in a conversation for Variedade naquela Andrew Scott started the group.

He’s just on it every day. He’s just on it by himself,” said Mescal, 26, to which Alwyn, 31, brincou, “Just messaging himself good mornings.

Alwyn continued, “We were both in the Sally Rooney universe and crossed over with Lenny Abrahamson. We were so lucky to have that experience.

They both starred in shows based on Rooney’s critically acclaimed novels, Alwyn in Conversas com amigos (2022) and Mescal in Pessoas normais (2020).

Joe Alwyn, Igreja Jemima

Joe Alwyn, Igreja Jemima

Go Bowe/Hulu

Scott, 46, played the Hot Priest — a role he previously originated in A reunião do escritório'S Fleabag — in the 2020 crossover Normal People Confessions directed by Abrahamson, 56, who also helmed both Rooney series.

No RTÉ Does Comic Relief baixo, Mescal’s character Connell and Daisy Edgar JonesMarianne open up about their relationship in confessionals with Hot Priest.

Alwyn previously discussed the Tortured Man Club in an interview with GQ, explaining that the name “é, eu acho, uma reflection on Connell and Nick,” his role in Conversas com amigos.

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Mescal previously told PEOPLE in September: “Of course the last thing that most people have seen is Pessoas normais,” explaining that preparing for his upcoming film Carmen was a challenge, in that he wastransitioning from playing somebody who was a teenager como em Pessoas normais to a man. You can throw on top of the dancing and singing and boxing…. It was a blast.

Based on the famous opera, Mescal stars in the Benjamin Millepied-helmed musical as a former Marine suffering from PTSD. He stars opposite Melissa Barrera (Gritar, Nas alturas) in the film that premieres in 2023.

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Pessoas normais e Conversas com amigos are now streaming on Hulu. Fleabag can be streamed on Prime Video.