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ns. Louis School Shooting Victims: Alexzandria Bell and Jean Kuczka

ns. Louis School Shooting Victims: Alexzandria Bell and Jean Kuczka

Alexandria Bell and Jean Kuczka

Alexandria Bell and Jean Kuczka

Alexandria Bell and Jean Kuczka.
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Di lunedi, a 19-year-old gunman walked into Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in ns. Louis, Mo., and opened fire, killing a beloved student and teacher and injuring seven others.

The gunman, who authorities said was a former student, was fatally shot by police shortly after he entered the high school. Martedì, ns. Louis Police Chief Mike Sack said during a conferenza stampa that the shooter had an AR-15-style rifle and more than 600 colpi di munizioni.

If you’re aware of an individual who appears to be suffering from some kind of mental illness or distress, and they begin speaking about purchasing firearms or causing harm to others, we encourage you to reach out to somebody and report that so that we can get help to that individual,” Sack said.

The two fatal victims have been identified as 15-year-old Alexzandria Bell and 61-year old Jean Kuczka.

Alexzandria Bell

alexzandria bell

alexzandria bell

Alexzandria Bell.
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Alexzandria Bell was only 15 years old when she was fatally shot at her high school on Monday.

She was a beautiful young lady,” a woman told the ns. Louis Post-Dispatch. “She loved art.

La donna, who asked to remain unidentified, told the outlet Alexzandria was a dance student of hers.

Fellow student and sophomore at CVPA High School Je’rya Luster and her sister, freshman Je’rese Luster, detto il ns. Louis Post-Dispatch they were in the Schnucks supermarket parking lot near the school, where hundreds of students had been evacuated, when they found out Alexzandria was killed.

I just want her to come back,” Je’rya told to outlet.

She was always smiling,” Je’rese said about her friend.

UN GoFundMe has been created to help Alexzandria’s family with funeral costs.

“[Essi] lost a beautiful, talentuoso, and charismatic young soul name Alexzandria Bell,” the description reads.

Jean Kuczka

jean Kuczka

jean Kuczka

Jean Kuczka and her dog Charlie, named after Charlie Brown.
Abbey Kuczka

A 61-year-old mother of five and grandmother of six who loved Jimmy Buffett, Snoopy and her family and students was one of the victims of Monday morning’s shooting.

Jean Kuczka began her career with the St. Louis Public Schools in 2002 and began working at CVPA in 2008. She was a health and physical education teacher.

My mom was super passionate about kids,” Jean’s daughter, Abbey Kuczka, 27, racconta PERSONE. “She loved making a difference, and she always taught us how to be a team.

Abbey’s father was told by a family friend’s granddaughter — who attended the school and was in Jean’s classroom during the shooting — that Jean was shielding her students and helping them escape through a window when she was killed.

Abbey is one of five siblings, and during her 27 anni, she has made countless memories with her beloved mother. Questa domenica scorsa, Abbey visited Tower Rock on the Mississippi River with her mother and father, Steve Kuczka.

We ended up sitting in traffic for two hours, and it’s crazy down there because no one is directing traffic, but it was like a Godsend, like God said, ‘You need this time to sit in traffic with your mom,'” Abbey said.

jean Kuczka

jean Kuczka

Abbey Kuczka with her parents Steve and Jean Kuczka at Tower Rock in Missouri on Oct. 23.
Abbey Kuczka

Abbey says she and her mother always did something together on the weekend — whether it was try a new restaurant, visit a craft show or decorate Jean’s classroom before a new school year.

The vibe I got from her classroom was that it’s a safe environment that people can feel comfortable in and relate if they need anything from her,” Abbey said.

Throughout her decades-long career as a teacher, Jean formed a mutual respect with her students that never went unnoticed.

My mom gave respect to everyone, and I think that’s what made her stand out, because she respected every single student she had and students felt that, so they also respected her,” Abbey says.

Jean was also passionate about helping to find a cure for juvenile diabetes after one of her sons was diagnosed with it at 10 Anni. Ogni anno, she participated in a bike ride to help raise money for research. After raising the funds during a trivia night this September, Jean was supposed to go to Amelia Island in December for the bike ride.

Jean had a tight bond with the rest of her children, pure. In July of this year, she helped her youngest daughter, Isabelle, pick out her wedding dress for an October 2023 nozze.

jean Kuczka

jean Kuczka

Steve Sr. (far left) and Jean Kuczka (estrema destra) with their five children, Joe, Megan, Isabelle, Abbey and Steve Jr.
Abbey Kuczka

Questo Natale, the Kuczka family planned to go to Pompano Beach, Fla. to escape the cold Missouri winter for a short time like they did every year.

That was one of my mom’s favorite places to go,” Abbey says.

Jean was “appassionato, amorevole, and an advocate, whether it be for her family, her students or all around,” Abbey says. “She just wanted the best for everyone.