RHOM Star Alexia Echevarria's Son Peter Rosello Arrested and Accused of Domestic Violence

Peter Rosello, の息子 マイアミの本当の主婦 スター アレクシアエシェヴァリア, was arrested Wednesday night after an alleged argument with his girlfriend. He was charged with a battery misdemeanor.

Rosello allegedly slapped and kicked his girlfriend of three months at their shared Miami apartment following a night out, according to the arrest report from the Miami Police Department which was obtained by PEOPLE.

The incident began after the unnamed victim told Rosello that she planned to stay at her mother’s home and he became upset, the arrest report states. He thenplaced his hand around her neck and pushed her backwards,” レポートによると.

After Rosello’s girlfriend attempted to remove his hand from her neck, the altercation escalated, レポートによると, which said: “The defendant then proceeded to knee the victim in her crotch area, causing her to fall down to the ground. The defendant then kicked the victim once while she was on the ground.

The report also indicated that the woman attempted to leave the residence but was pulled back inside by Rosello. She later received help from a neighbor and called the police.

When authorities arrived at the apartment, they found the victim showedvisible redness on her face and neck areaand expressedpain and discomfort in crotch area,” レポートによると. She was treated on the scene for her injuries.

孔雀, which airs RHOM, had no comment on the incident. Reps for Alexia Echevarria’s representatives did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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の 2012, Rosello was arrested for attacking a homeless man and pleaded guilty to the charges but struck a deal to stay out of jail, による ニューヨークポスト.

翌年, he was arrested for marijuana possession, NS 役職 報告.

先月, Echevarria 結婚 her now-husband Todd Nepola, with who Rosello has feuded on RHOM.

It’s been going on for a few years,” Echevarria told “The viewers are going to see Todd’s side of the argument, and they’re also going to see Peter’s side of the argument. そして真実は, you can never judge. You have to be at the moment and really know the whole story in order to form an opinion.

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