Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Say Doctors Unable to Reattach Son’s Finger After ‘Traumatic’ 事件

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Say Doctors Unable to Reattach Son's Finger After 'Traumatic' Accident

Alexa PenaVega is praising son Kingston James after he suffered a “外傷性” 怪我.

今週はじめ, in a since-expired Instagram Story post, 33歳 スパイキッズ star revealed that her 2-year-old son is recovering after one of his fingers wasseveredin an accident.

While getting the kids ready for bed I shut Kington’s fingers in the hinge of the bathroom door,” Alexa wrote in her post at the time. “His first finger is bruised and a little bloody…but his middle finger took the brunt of it and was severed from the first knuckle near the tip.

Continuing her message, the mom — who also shares son Ocean King, 4, と娘 Rio Rey, 5 月, 夫と カルロス・ペネベガ — called the incidentthe most traumatic thing we’ve had to go through as a family,” adding that she got throughthe mom guilt” と “恥” through prayer, “and for the sweet little bruiser Kingston is.

Carlos was amazing and swooped in like Superman to take care of our family. It took a minute for all of us to process what happened,” Alexa then wrote. “If anything it made us all love each other even more and humbled us completely. ありがたいことに, Kingston is already doing flips like nothing happened. ?❤️ Gosh, I love my babies.

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alexa and carlos penavega

alexa and carlos penavega
Carlos and Alexa PenaVega
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Elsewhere on her Instagram Story earlier this week, Alexa shared a photograph of her little guy after his injury. “Little trooper. Handling his injury like a champ. ?❤️?,” she wrote alongside the shot.

フォローアップ投稿で, NS ルビー & the Rockits star also revealed that doctors were unable toreattach the piece of his fingerthat had come off. “Poor baby,” Alexa said. “But the other nine are so cute! He’ll be more than fine!”

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それで, で Instagramの投稿 shared on Wednesday evening, Alexa and Carlos spoke to fans about Kingston’s injury.

After recapping the horrifying event, Carlos said in the clip, “We came together as a family like no other. … It really put into perspective how much we love our kids.

Ocean was a champ, つまり, he was freaked out a little bit, しかし … we all had to get in the car, we had to go to the hospital, and everybody just rallied as a family, which was so cool,” added Carlos. “Kingston was a championit’s like it never happened.