トビー・キースが新しい音楽で帰ってきた! カントリースターがファーストアルバムをドロップ 5 年, 私のポケットの中のペソ

トビー・キースが新しい音楽で帰ってきた! カントリースターがファーストアルバムをドロップ 5 年, 私のポケットの中のペソ

Chances are that you will never find Toby Keith on a treadmill. The country singer isn’t particularly fond of stair climbers either. But give him an open road on a nice day, and he sure as heck is going to go for a run.

I used to run a lot further, but I don’t need to anymore,” キース, 60, 人々に笑いを告げる. “I’m getting too old. There were times when I’d run five days a week, about three miles. その後, my hips would start bothering me. But I still try to get my three miles in.

彼は付け加えます, “I just cannot stay in one place. I got to get out and be moving down the road.

It was during those runs that Keith found himself coming up with song ideas for his new album, Peso in my Pocket.

I’d look at the song ideas I had in my phone before I started running, and then I would take off,” 彼は言い​​ます. “Next thing I know, my time would be up, and I’d have been constantly working, grinding gears in my head about the songs. I’d get back and put on my recorder on my phone and I would lay down what I got.

It was a great time for me to write,” 彼は付け加えます.

toby keith

toby keith
クレジット: Richard McLaren

もちろん, Keith had plenty of time to take ideas from his head into the studio, as it has been five years since Keith came out with new music. And as everyone knows, the world changed greatly during those five years.

I was actually in Cabo, [メキシコ] at my house down there when it all hit,” Keith says of the pandemic. “I knew immediately that I would be better off in sunshine banging a golf ball around and eating out on an open-air patio than I would be trying to get home. そう, we just stayed there.

実際には, he ended up staying there for five months last year before calls started coming in from radio honchos who seemed to have a craving for some new Toby Keith music, a request that left him to just shake his head.

I couldn’t have been happier with the way the last album turned out,” says Keith, referring to 2015’s release of 35 MPH Town. “But we could hardly get it played anywhere.

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それはそう, Keith still remembers feeling lost within the genre that he had made a career within via chart-toppers such asAmerican Soldier,” “As Good as I Once Was,” と “Made in America.

It had to have been 2011 or somewhere in there, and it was just as if everyone shut the door and said, ‘There’s going to be no gradual changing of the guard anymore…we’re going to cut this off and we’re only gonna play this going forward,'” 彼は言い​​ます. “And what they started playing didn’t sound like what we did.

Heck, Keith even recalls a time that he showed up at an industry awards show… and knew no one.

I remember when ‘Red Solo Cupwas hitting big, and the backstage area was filled with people like Brooks & Dunn and Tim (マグロウ) and Faith (丘) and Kenny (Chesney,)” Keith remembers. “バスケットボールをしたり、走ったり、ジャンプしたりして、できる限り健康になりました。, I walked through that same backstage and I didn’t know 誰でも. I didn’t recognize anyone.

That is until he saw Keith Urban. “私は彼に言った, ‘you’re the only person I know here,'” Keith remembers. “そして彼は行きます, ‘I knowit’s crazy.

toby keith

toby keith
クレジット: Richard McLaren

それにもかかわらず, NS 2020, Keith found himself drawn to the idea of putting new music out, no matter if it sounded like what is out there at the moment or not. And in doing so, Keith has successfully brought his brand of hard-nosed country music back to the forefront with the help of co-writers such as ライアン・ハード, マレンモリス, と Sammy Hagar. Further proving it was the right idea is the fact that the lead single off the album, “古い学校” now serves as Keith’s highest Billboard/Country Airplay chart debut of his career.

But don’t think he didn’t think about not releasing this album.

I started getting very comfortable with just going and playing shows,” says Keith, who is currently out on his Country Comes to Town Tour. “I have a tremendous following. We haven’t been struggling like other strong acts. I’m selling as much merchandise as I did in 2005. And the fact is that our seniors are passing away a little at a time, so if somebody wants to hear this kind of music live and they can’t go see Charlie Daniels now and you can’t see Merle Haggard now, you sort of step in that role you know?”

He grows quiet. “If you want to hear something you listened to growing up and you’re not fond of whatever else is out there, I feel like I am there to fill the void,” 彼は付け加えます.

Peso in My Pocket 今出ています.