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Rick Ross diz que um álbum de colaboração com Drake ‘Is a Realistic Possibility’

Rick Ross Says a Collaboration Album with Drake 'Is a Realistic Possibility'

Rick Ross is letting fans know that an album collaboration with Drake might come sooner than expected.

The 45-year-old rapper appeared on Thursday’s episode of the PESSOAS todos os dias podcast to talk about his new book The Perfect Day to Boss Up and reflected on his past work with Drake, 34, and discussed what he has in store for his music career.

Mês passado, Drake dubbed Ross thegreatest rapper alivein a video on his Instagram Story. Though hearing that from the Toronto star is flattering, Ross told PESSOAS Editor-at-Large Janine Rubenstein that he’s not taking the compliment literally.

I think when Drake makes a comment such as that, I appreciate it and I love it, but there’s some amazing artists out here and I could tap in and I understand what Drake was speaking from,” ele disse. “I don’t take that in the literal sense. I take that as, When me and Drake in the studio, the fun we could have, we come up with records and then the longevity those records have.

The rapper said when he performs their collaborative songs likePop That” e “Stay Schemin— which were released in 2014 e 2012, respectively — he notices the response from fans is as if the songs were still new, which is why he thinks Drake called him “o melhor.”

The list goes on, and so I just take it as ‘Man, the fun times we have and then the results.’ Você sabe o que eu estou dizendo?” Ross added.

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Rick Ross, Drake

Rick Ross, Drake
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Ao longo dos anos, the two rappers have joined forces for a number of songs, Incluindo “Money In The Grave,” “Aston Martin Music,” e mais recentemente “Lemon Pepper Freestyle— which peaked at No. 3 no Painel publicitário gráficos.

No início deste mês, Drake dropped his sixth full-length studio album, Amante Certificado. Enquanto isso, Ross is preparing for his upcoming album, Richer Than I Ever Been, and he said the idea of their collaboration is just arumorfor the time being — though he’s open to it.

“Agora mesmo, that’s still a rumor, but it’s a realistic rumor. Você sabe o que eu quero dizer?,” ele explicou. “Us doing a collab album is most definitely rumorsIt’s speculation. But is it like a possible realistic possibility? Of course it is.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross
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The rapper went on to discuss that as he continues to navigate the music industry, the best piece of advice he received was from JAY-Z.

I remember me and JAY-Z sitting down having dinner and one thing everyone says they appreciate about my sound is the music, the beats I pick, so on and so forth,” Ross shared. “And I appreciate all that love, but one thing JAY-Z told me, which spoke on writing, was ‘Less focus on what you like the most, and focus more on what you can make work the best.’ “

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And what it did for me as a writer is it opened that many more doors to when I listen to instrumentals now,” ele adicionou. “Instead of me just listening to instrumentals (and I have a very strict ear, so out of 20 beats, I may just like two) … Now when I listen to them, I listen to the ones that I could make something incredible happen, which may be eight out of the same 20. You understand? So it’s just a different vibe.

It gives you great opportunity to create great things instead of making it just so personal… I’ll never forget it.