Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown Weds Raiven Adams: 「私の心は彼女のものです’

Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown Weds Raiven Adams: 'My Heart Belongs to Her'

Bear BrownRaiven Adams 結び目を結びました!

NS Alaskan Bush People 出演者, who share 1½-year-old son , got married on Sunday surrounded by friends and family, 人々は独占的に明らかにすることができます.

It feels really good to be a married man, I’ve loved Raiven a long time and it’s a honor and a privilege to finally call her my wife,” Bear tells PEOPLE of the big day. “She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and still takes my breath away! I only wish Da had been there, but I know he was watching from the best seat! I look forward to building a life, a family and a home with Raiven, she’s the love of my life and my heart belongs to her and her alone.

Adds Raiven: “Was so very happy to have our friends and family that were able to make it. Bear looked very handsome and I’m very grateful for the family we’ve made.

The nuptials come nearly a year after Brown, 34, hinted at his upcoming wedding Instagramで.

Hey everybody! I wanted to let y’all guys know, that very soon I will be a married man!!!!” he captioned a selfie of him and Adams in February. “Be sure to check out the new season of Alaskan Bush People and all your questions will be answered!!!! Thank you everyone for all your support!!!! 神のご加護を!!!”

最初のカップル 婚約した 8月に 2019, but just two weeks later, 彼ら “made the difficult decision to part ways as a couple,” ブラウンは人々に言った 当時の.

1日後, they announced that Adams 期待していた and by that October, 持っていました decided to give their relationship another shot. They would eventually split again, but in September 2020 彼ら パトリックデンプシーは甘い写真で妻ジリアンの誕生日を祝う once more after Brown said he held River, それから 6 月, 初めて.

I have some awesome news I’d like to share with everyone,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “After meeting River in person and seeing Raiven again we found out that we both still have feelings for each other, so we’ve decided that instead of being co-parents we are going to be just parents!”

人々と話す, Brown gushed over meeting his baby. “River is so amazing,” 彼は言った. “And to put it simply, there is no feeling as awesome as getting to hold your son for the first time!”

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On River’s 1st birthday in March, Brown opened up about how he honors his late dad ビリー while raising his son. ビリー 死亡しました 2月に. 7 after suffering a seizure at the age of 68.

Today is my boy’s first Birthday!!!” 茶色 キャプション付き a sweet Instagram post alongside several photos of the baby. “River is officially one year old! I’ve also taken to calling him Little Billy, in honor of Da, I know without a doubt, my Dad would be proud of me! I will try my hardest to be as good as a dad as he was!”

Alaskan Bush People is currently available on Discovery+.