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Andy Cohen Addresses ‘AlarmingAntisemitism in U.S. amid Lizzy Savetsky’s Sudden Exit from ‘RHONY’ Reinício

Andy Cohen, lizzy savetsky

Andy Cohen, lizzy savetsky

foto: Jamie McCarthy / Getty; Sean Zanni/Getty

Andy Cohen is opening up about antisemitism in America amid Bravo newcomer Lizzy Savetsky‘s recent experience.

Following Savetsky’s Donas de casa reais da cidade de Nova York reinício departure announcement, Cohen addressed the matter, as well as the larger problem occurring in the U.S.

I can confirm that she is leaving, Infelizmente,” Cohen, 54, exclusively tells PEOPLE while promoting the launch of Fresca Mixed, the beverage brand’s new alcoholic seltzer line.

Ele continuou, “What I can also tell you is that when I’ve spoken out against antisemitism, the response that I’ve gotten has been quite alarming.

Cohen says thatwe’re living in really messed up, weird times right now.

Ele nota, “I think social media makes it a whole lot worse. It’s a really rough time. As a Jewish American, it saddens me to see what’s happening with antisemitism.

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O elenco de RHONY‘s 14th season was announced in October during a taping of Veja o que acontece ao vivo no BravoCon 2022. Savetsky was set to star alongside Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank and Brynn Whitfield.

Production on the new season has already begun and it’s set to premiere next year. But Savetsky publicized her decision to leave na quarta-feira, citando “a torrent of antisemitic attacksas the reason for her abrupt exit.

I will not be continuing on the Real Housewives of NYC,” ela escreveu no instagram. “As a proud orthodox Jewish woman, I thought participating in this series would be a great chance to represent people like me and share my experience. Infelizmente, from the time of my announcement in the cast, I was on the receiving end of a torrent of antisemitic attacks.

Ela continuou, “As this continued, I realized that this path was no longer right for me and my family. I’m looking forward to my next chapter. Stay tuned — and thank you for your support!”

Em uma declaração compartilhada com PEOPLE, Bravo explained thatafter thoughtful consideration and discussion with Lizzy, we have reached the mutual conclusion that Lizzy will not be a cast member on RHONY.”

Sources close to production told PEOPLE that Savetsky had stopped filming nearly two weeks ago.

Lizzy Savetsky

Lizzy Savetsky

Lizzy Savetsky/instagram

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News of Savetsky’s departure comes amid an increased presence of antisemitism in pop culture.

Kanye West came under fire recently after he threatened to godeath con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.His comments sparked backlash from his celebrity peers and led to the termination of several of his business ventures, resulting in the loss of his billionaire status.

Kyrie Irving was also suspended by the Brooklyn Nets depois sharing a link to an antisemitic movie on social media. In response to the criticism, the 30-year-old NBA star said ele “meant no harm to any one group, race or religion of people and that he wants to be abeacon of truth and light.

Irving and the Brooklyn Nets said they will both be donating $500,000 to organizations in an effort toeradicate hate and intolerance.

Dave Chappelle recently addressed West and Irving’s comments during his opening monologue on sábado Noite Ao vivo, though his own remarks also elicited backlash.

I’ve been to Hollywood and — no one get mad at me — I’m just telling you what I saw,” he said earlier this month. “It’s a lot of Jews. Like a lot. But that doesn’t mean anything! Você sabe o que eu quero dizer? Because there are a lot of Black people in Ferguson, Missouri, it doesn’t mean we run the place.

Chappelle added that adelusion that Jews run show business” é “not a crazy thing to think,” mas “it’s a crazy thing to say out loud.

Jerry Seinfeld responded to Chappelle’s monologue earlier this week, dizendo The Hollywood Reporter: “I did think the comedy was well-executed. But I think the subject matter calls for a conversation that I don’t think I’d want to have in this venue.

Ele adicionou, Isto provokes a conversation which hopefully is productive.

Seinfeld also noted that he doesn’t consider Chapelle to be a dear friend, dizendo, “I don’t have a close relationship with him. We’re friends and it’s not a close relationship.