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Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson diz que não se importa’ O que as pessoas pensam sobre o relacionamento dela

Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson Says She Doesn't 'Care' What People Think About Her Relationship

AlanaHoney Boo Boo” Thompson is defending her relationship with her 21-year-old boyfriend, Dralin Carswell.

O Toddlers & Tiaras alúmen, 16, admitted that she is not concerned about criticism over the pair’s age difference in a recent Entertainment Tonight interview with sister LaurynPumpkin” Shannon.

In our relationship, the two most things that everybody is always talking about is our age gap and definitely because he’s Black and I’m white and we’re an interracial couple,” ela explicou.

Contudo, the backlash won’t stop the reality star from being happy in her relationship.

“Eu não me importo,” ela disse. “Porque, gostar, no fim do dia, my sister approves, his mom approves, and we’re happy, so what fans got to say or what haters got to say I don’t really care.

Despite the age gap, Alana revealed that she and Dralin arealways talking about something — it’s never like an awkward moment, silence or none of that.

Pumpkin — who was granted sole custody of Alana earlier this year — showed her support for her sister’s relationship during the interview.

She’s not getting married, she’s not having a kid, she’s doing very good in school,” said Pumpkin, adding that the pair areon the same wavelength.

Em junho, a Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum’s rep confirmed to Página Seis that Alana was not engaged to her boyfriend after she was spotted with a ring on naquela finger.

Her rep added the diamond seen on Alana’s finger wasjust a ring.

VÍDEO RELACIONADO: Mama June’s Daughter Lauryn ‘PumpkinShannon Gets Full Custody of Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson

Em maio, Mama June Shannon falou about her daughter’s relationship with Dralin in an interview with TooFab.

“sim, I’ve met Dralin. They’ve been together for over a year,” a Mama June: Road to Redemption estrela compartilhada. “People need to realize that she’s going to be 17 in August and that [Alana’s older sister] Pumpkin and Josh were the same age as they were.

She is getting a lot of hate because she’s in an interracial relationship, he is older,” ela adicionou. “But at the end of the day, Alana’s not that 6-, 7-year-old child y’all fell in love with 11 anos atrás. Alana has grown up, she’s graduating high school next year, galera!”

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Em uma entrevista com Entertainment Tonight the same month, Mama June shared one concern about her daughter’s boyfriend.

“Ele é bom. He needs to hold down a job a little bit more,” ela disse. “Quero dizer, he’s not bad. He doesn’t treat her bad or anything like that.

Ela adicionou, “They’re [young] and they’ve been together over a year. Então, if they last? Fine. If they don’t, it can be her first love.