トラヴィス・バーカーがアラバマ州の娘に、彼女の甘いものに敬意を表して、遅ればせながらの誕生日のトリビュートを共有します 16

トラヴィス・バーカーがアラバマ州の娘に、彼女の甘いものに敬意を表して、遅ればせながらの誕生日のトリビュートを共有します 16

トラビス・バーカー 彼を祝っている daughter Alabama‘s 16th birthday a second time around.

ブリンク182ドラマー, 46, posted a sweet snap of himself and the teenager, 彼が元と共有している人 シャナ・モークラー, posing in front of a Christmas tree on Friday, simply captioning the photo of the father-daughter duo, “Happy Birthday I love you so much @alabamaluellabarker ❤️.

Alabama donned a ruched black mini dress with dramatic frilly sleeves and pointy black heels, showing off her glam hair and makeup, as dad Barker — who was also decked out in head-to-toe black — lovingly stared at his daughter.

Barker’s post commemorating Alabama’s birthday comes a couple weeks after her actual birthday, which falls on Christmas Eve.


クレジット: トラビスバーカー/ Instagram

12月. 24, Barker shared a photo on his Instagram Story of an elaborate setup in honor of his daughter’s special day, which consisted of large silver balloons that spelled outBAMA 16,as well as an arrangement of smaller silver and white balloons to round out the decor.

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Fiancée コートニー・カーダシアン also shared a glimpse of Alabama’s birthday decorations on her Instagram Story, as well as a throwback picture of herself, アラバマ, and daughter Penelope that was taken years ago.


クレジット: コートニー・カーダシアン/ Instagram

Barker and Kardashian had been friends for years before they started a romantic relationship together, and the famous drummer even appeared on a few episodes of カーダシアン家のお騒がせについていく throughout the series.

12月中, ソースは人々に語った that one of the reasons Kardashian is so smitten with Barker is because of the way he treats his children, including 22-year-old stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya (whose parents are Moakler and legendary boxer オスカーデラホヤ) and 18-year-old son Landon, whom he also shares with Moakler.

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She fell for Travis because he’s such a there-for-his-kids father,” ソースは続きました. “He has a huge heart.

The source also told PEOPLE that Kardashian ishead over heels in lovewith Barker because of the way he treats her three kids: 石工, 12, ペネロペ, 9, と統治, 7, 彼女が元と共有している人 スコット・ディシック.

“彼はとても優しくて彼女と彼女の子供たちを愛しています,” the insider shared. “彼らの家族も簡単にそしてうまく混ざり合った, そして、彼らは皆とてもうまくやっています。”