Lauren Akins Asks Moms for Advice After Daughters Get Comb Stuck in Her Hair: ‘Help Me’

Lauren Akins Asks Moms for Advice After Daughters Get Comb Stuck in Her Hair: 'Help Me'

Lauren Akins is working on detangling a messy situation at home.

The mom of four, who shares her kids with husband Thomas Rhett, shared an all-too-relatable parenting post to Instagram on Monday after her daughters got a comb stuck in her hair.

In the clip, Akins, 32, explains that the incident occurred as she is home alone with her four kids since “three of the four are sick so the older two are not in school.”

“While I was feeding the baby I was gonna let the older two brush my hair — well I did let them brush my hair and they attempted to curl it. I didn’t realize this is what they were doing and this is where we are,” she says, revealing the major knot in her hair with the comb hanging down.

“I’ve gotten it from the first knot down to where it is now, but I’m stuck and I really don’t wanna cut my hair,” she continues. “So if any moms have any suggestions, let me hear them.”

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“HELP. ME,” she captioned the candid post. “Shout out to any moms who are on the struggle bus today. I’m right there with ya…I’ve tried to break the comb but it’s too bendy….I’d love to NOT have to cut my hair? any suggestions? I might just wait until someone can come over and help me. ???‍♀️ #momlifeisthebestlife

“I leave for 2 hours…,” her country singer husband quipped in the comments.

Akins returned hours later, writing, “Update from my mom diary this morning: FREEDOM!!!! **DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME** shout out to the greatest mother in law and friends a girl could have ???, trusting April and Elbia with my life with that knife so close to my head-& Paige with the box cutter hahah and I only lost a little bit of hair 🙂 insta peeps-thanks for ALL of y’all’s ideas and encouragement, here’s the play by play just in case any of y’all find yourselves in the same predicament ???”

The “Die a Happy Man” artist, who is dad to Willa Gray, 6, Ada James, 4, Lennon Love, 22 months, and their newest arrival, baby girl Lillie Carolina, recently told PEOPLE that the couple is seriously considering adopting another child somewhere down the line.

“Adoption is a hundred percent on our brains,” said Thomas Rhett, who adopted Willa Gray from Uganda in 2017. “In the next four to five years, we would love to do that. And Willa Gray talks about it all the time. It’s been put on our hearts very heavily to do that again. We just don’t really know when.”

“After having four, I’m like, well, ‘How bad could it be with six?’ ” he added. “We’ll see what happens in the next five or six years.”