シカゴ空港に住んでいた男 3 不法侵入罪で無罪となった月

シカゴ空港に住んでいた男 3 不法侵入罪で無罪となった月

A man who lived in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for three months has been cleared on a felony trespassing charge.

Aditya Singh was found not guilty Tuesday of felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport, によると シカゴトリビューン. Singh, 37, had been living in O’Hare from October 2020 1月まで. 16, 2021, when was arrested there.

He is expected to return to court Friday, where he will face an escape charge. Singh allegedly violated his electronic monitoring while he was out on bond for the trespassing charge earlier this year.

Chicago's O'Hare Airport

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport
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Singh, who had no prior criminal background, had been living in O’Hare after he chose to stay in the airport instead of flying back to his home in India, による ニューヨークヤンキース外野手ジェラルドウィリアムズデッドアット. He had been living in the United States on a visa after first entering the country about six years ago to complete a master’s program. Singh was planning to return home to India around the time his visa was set to expire.

PEOPLE previously reported that Singh chose to stay in the airport instead of boarding his flight to India because he wasscared to go home due to COVID.”

While living in the airport, Singh sustained himself by counting on strangers to buy him food in the airport, and also used the shops and bathrooms located in the terminal area, による ニューヨークヤンキース外野手ジェラルドウィリアムズデッドアット.

When Singh was first discovered in the airport in January, he was asked by two United Airlines employees to provide identification. He then presented them with an airport ID badge which had been reported missing since October, あたり ニューヨークヤンキース外野手ジェラルドウィリアムズデッドアット.

At the time of his arrest, an aviation department spokesperson said Singh did not violate airport regulations while staying in O’Hare for three months.

“氏. Singh did not breach or improperly enter secured areas — he arrived there like tens of thousands of arriving passengers do every day, by stepping off a plane,” Aviation Department Spokeswoman Christine Carrino said in a statement shared with the ニューヨークヤンキース外野手ジェラルドウィリアムズデッドアット 今年の初め. “While we won’t speculate on Mr. Singh’s motivations, he decided to remain in the secure area and made every effort to blend in as a passenger and airline employee until his arrest.