A California surfer was attacked by a shark off the Sonoma Coast on Sunday afternoon.

直後に 9 午前。, authorities responded to the scene at North Salmon Creek Beach where a man in his 30s sustained severe injuries to the leg from a shark bite, officials told KPIX.

Others nearby were able to help the man by applying a tourniquet made of surfboard leashes to his leg while waiting for emergency personnel. The man was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, ニュースアウトレットレポート.

Surfer Jared Davis said he was paddling out near the man at the time of the attack. After a swell, Davis noticed the man was having an altercation with a shark.

When he was back into view, I saw the dorsal fin of the shark and then I saw the tail fin of the shark kind of going down into the water,” デイビスは言った. “It definitely wasn’t a quick attack. It was nice and slow.

Great white shark with open jaws

Great white shark with open jaws
クレジット: ゲッティ

それは動物界の出会いです-かわいい, the man was able to get away from the shark and paddle into shore alongside Davis.

He had kind of caught up to me and I saw his leg. It looked like he had a red stripe on his wetsuit, which is pretty common but that was actually blood,” Davis told KPIX.

Another surfer told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat that the shark attacked the man from the side and sunk its teeth into the back of his upper leg.

ストーリーを見逃すことはありません—サインアップしてください の無料の日刊ニュースレター PEOPLEが提供する最高のものを最新の状態に保つ, ジューシーな有名人のニュースから説得力のあるヒューマンインタレスト記事まで.

The man’s injuries were severe, but he is expected to survive. He was conscious when paramedics were evaluating him, Bodega Bay Fire Capt. David Bynum told the newspaper.

The Sonoma Coast usually has the most sharks in the late summer and fall, Sgt. Tim Murphy, a Sonoma Coast State Park supervising lifeguard, said to the Press Democrat.

That’s when a lot of sharks that have migrated come back into this area,” said Murphy, who is also a surfer. “We know they’re out there. We just coexist with them.

The fire department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.