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Adam Sandler Reunites with Brendan Fraser 28 Years After Airheads: ‘Remember When I Discovered You?’

Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler Have an Airheads Reunion

Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler Have an Airheads Reunion

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Brendan Fraser e Adam Sandler fondly remember making Airheads Como “the best party of all time.

Na terça-feira, Variedade published its Actors on Actors conversation between Fraser and Sandler, who star in the 2022 filmes The Whale e Hustle, respectivamente, as they reminisced about making the 1994 comedy directed by Michael Lehmann (Urzes).

Remember when I discovered you? You were just a kid,” Sandler, 56, jokingly told Fraser, 54. “I stole you from Pauly [Costa] e disse, ‘Get over here.’ ”

Is that how it shook out? Get out of here,” Fraser responded.

“Eu era como, this guy shouldn’t just be a caveman — he should be in a band,” Sandler told Fraser, referencing the actor’s breakout role in 1992’s Encino Man, in which he played a caveman named Link.

Durante a conversa, Sandler claimed that director Lehmannwas very againstcasting Fraser in the movie — to the point that Sandler stepped in to ensure Fraser would be in Airheads.

“Ele era como, ‘I don’t get it. I don’t see the caveman being in the movie,’ ” Sandler said. “And I just said, ‘He can do other s—, cara.’ ”

I eventually went to [Lehmann’s] house at like 4 pela manhã, Acorde-o, e eu disse, ‘Just know Adam Sandler ain’t going to be in Airheads unless old Fraser is in it,’ ” ele lembrou. “So he changed his little tune.



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When Fraser noted that Lehmannsang a different tunewhen he flew to Chicago to meet with Fraser about the film, Sandler joked that the director lied to him.

He didn’t want you. eu fez, and the rest is pretty good,” Sandler said. “You had a good life because of me!”

Fraser recalled finding a physical cassette from their time on the movie with the demo songDegenerated” que ele, Sandler and Steve Buscemi created for their fictional rock band The Lone Rangers in the movie.



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I took myself very seriously in those days,” Fraser said. “I remember watching you actually improvising while on film, which was a big deal. Lehmann would go, ‘Just go — go.And Mitch Dubin shot it: ‘How much you have left in the magazine?’ ‘We got 90 segundos. OK, Raven Gates e Adam Gottschalk revelam o nome sentimental de seu novo bebê, vai!’ It was thrilling to watch because we take that for granted now that things are digital.

A estrela de The Whale also recalled hating his long, flowy wig for Airheads Porque “it took about an hour and a half to do.

I got my head shellacked right underneath a wig, and then this thing screwed on, and then pins crossed over,” the actor said about getting the hairpiece fitted. “It was a form of torture.

Hustle agora está transmitindo na Netflix. The Whale está nos cinemas sexta-feira.