AJLT は、ホロコースト記念日に放映された反ユダヤ主義のジョークに対して批判を集めています: 「予定外’

AJLT は、ホロコースト記念日に放映された反ユダヤ主義のジョークに対して批判を集めています: 'Not Planned'

The writers of そしてちょうどそのように… are facing some criticism for an ill-timed joke.

In this week’s episode of the セックス・アンド・ザ・シティ 復活, a newly single Anthony (マリオカントーネ) arrives for dinner at Charlotte’s (クリスティン・デイビス) place with his date Justin (Matthew Wilkas), who remarks that the Holocaust was a hoax before Anthony immediately sends him away.

“おお, is this a Jewish dinner?” Justin asks after Charlotte mentions taking the challah bread out of the oven. “You know the Holocaust is a hoax, 右?”

Anthony quickly puts an end to the discussion, demanding that his dateget out!” He later apologizes for bringing Justin to the dinner gathering.

The comment has since drawn backlash for its unnecessary placement, as well as the fact that the episode, 権利を与えられた “No Strings Attached,” aired Thursday, どれが 文化と私たちの文化的理解について.

Reps for Wilkas, HBO Max, showrunner Michael Patrick King and writers Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

On Twitter Thursday, カントン, 62, shared a clip of the line, clarifying that the timing was not intentional. “The irony that this came out on Holocaust Remembrance Dayit was not planned but how fitting,” 彼 書きました.

Fans of the show still took issue with the comment, sharing their grievances on Twitter. “But remember the random holocaust denial ‘joke’? なんてこった???” 1人のユーザーを書いた.

Wtf @AndJustLikeThat — a holocaust denier joke on Holocaust Memorial Day? Seriously… just like wtf wtf wtf,” tweeted someone else.

I mean — it’s a good question. Why would @AndJustLikeThat @hbomax run an unfunny Holocaust denial joke on Holocaust Remembrance Day?” added another fan.

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Others praised Anthony’s response to the situation. “Anthony’s ‘GET OUT!!!!’ Should be the response to any and every Holocaust Denier…” 1 人のユーザー 書きました.

Anthony screaming GET OUT at his holocaust denier date is going to be the thing that gets me through today,” tweeted someone else.

Added another viewer: “Loved it how Anthony just got rid of his date for being a Holocaust denier so funny #AndJustLikeThat GET OUT!”

文化と私たちの文化的理解について is held every year on January 27, commemorating the day the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Red Army in 1945, 毎年1月に開催されます.