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La coppia dell'Ohio festeggia 79 Anni di matrimonio prima della svolta 100: 'Non abbiamo mai avuto una lite’

La coppia dell'Ohio festeggia 79 Anni di matrimonio prima della svolta 100:  'We've Never Had a Quarrel'

An Ohio couple who have been married for 79 years are on the cusp of celebrating two big birthdays: they both turn 100 il prossimo mese!

Hubert and June Malicote, born in July 1922, were raised in rural Kentucky, and met when they moved to Ohio to find jobs, according to NBC station WLWT.

The couple told the outlet that their relationship began at church and then blossomed from friendship to something more. They went on to tie the knot on June 8, 1943, but endured a separation while Hubert served with the Navy in Hawaii for two years during World War II.

Upon his return, June was there waiting at the train station for him, ha ricordato.

The couple went on to build a life for themselves in Hamilton, Ohio, secondo Oggi. Ora, their family includes three children, seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

And next month, they’ll get together for a joint birthday celebration — June’s birthday is on July 13 while Hubert will turn 100 a luglio 23 — which will include a church service in their backyard, l'outlet ha riferito.

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As for their secret to long-lasting love, the couple makes sure to avoid one very important thing: arguing.

We’ve never had a quarrel,” Hubert told WLWT. “We’ve never had one quarrel.

We didn’t go through life without problems, but we would never do anything to hurt each other,” Hubert added while speaking with Oggi. “If there’s controversy, you might have to walk away for a couple minutes.

The couple also makes spending time together a priority.

Every night June and Hubert enjoy dinner and a movie together and then share a kiss before calling it a night, per Oggi.

I put Mom in her wheelchair next to where Dad is sitting and they hold hands and say goodnight to each other,” their 70-year-old daughter told the outlet. “Then in the morning, they are so happy to see each other. They greet each other with huge smiles.